Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where has January Gone?

Is January really almost over already? It has been a busy month. This week has been quite crazy. It was our first week of "normal". C.G., Granna, and Paw are all gone and we were flying solo....well, just the four of us....trying to figure out how to do life again. Kyle trying to get back into routine of spending time in his office working, me trying to catch up on my online teaching work and feed Ryne and change diapers, and Kade trying to get the attention that he is missing with the grandparents all gone. Needless to say, some days have been easier than others. But all in all we are doing well and I know we will get the hang of it.
Kade turned two last Saturday and we went out for ice cream with our neighbors to celebrate since we had already had the Birthday party. It was fun. Then Sunday Kyle got to preach at Sunbreak and they had a commissioning service for us and the new church plant in DuPont. It was really nice to get to hear Kyle preach....he did a great job! Sunday afternoon we took a trip to Seattle with Derek and Alissa and our neighbors Eric, Justine and Stephanie. We went to the Space Needle and then to dinner on the sound. It was a great day!
Last night we had our first Bible study in our home and it went really well. We think God did some really big things through it. We are so excited about God working in DuPont!
Below are some pics to hopefully help catch up on the past couple of weeks. Sorry the blogging has been slow....Ryne is in my arms a lot during the day and typing is hard with one hand!

William, Dina, and Jude came to visit while Granna and Paw were here.
Kade and Jude had a great time they are getting all ready for bed.

Kyle and Kade got to take Granna and Paw to Mt. Rainier. It was a beautiful clear day. Ryne and I just got to enjoy the pictures so we thought we would share with you.

Look at the beautiful snow. I think Kade really enjoyed seeing snow again.

Paw, Kade and Granna at Mt. Rainier

A beautiful evening shot of the big volcano!

A cute shot of Kade on the day he turned two!

"Lissa" and Kade peering up at the space needle, getting ready for the ride.

We got to the top just in time to watch the was breathtaking.

Seattle...with Mt. Rainier rising up in the background.

Me and the BEST husband and Daddy EVER on top of the Space Needle.

"D" and "Lissa" enjoying the view.

We had to be sure to get a pic of Ryne's first trip to the Space Needle, even if he did sleep through it all.

Kade hanging out with Stephanie...she had enough energy to keep up with him!

The view of the Space Needle as we were leaving...very cool at night!

Kade is quite the serious guy when it comes to coloring.

Kade's kiddie menu doubled as a mask...pretty creative.

Ryne turned three weeks old yesterday! I can tell he's growing.

Kade asked to hold Ryne and then wasn't satisfied because he couldn't see his hands and started trying to dig them out. It was pretty funny.


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

I do believe that somewhere there is a picture of Kade that is the exact same one as the close up of Ryne in the next to last picture. The Space Needle looked cool. And I can see that Kutie Patutie is going to be very serious about whatever he is working on! Love and miss you all bunches and bunches!!

Billy Howard said...

Congrats to you guys! I hope you are enjoying the new life and little "man child"!