Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Get Away Car Rides Again!!

Yes, the Get Away Car, our Ford Escape (get it...escape....get away), is back in action. Woody and Kyle got finished up with all of the repairs on Thursday. We are now a two-car family again. Freedom! Well, freedom to take two boys and go anywhere you are wanting to brave taking a two-year old and four month old all by yourself, but freedom nonetheless!
A great big THANK YOU to our pal Woody for all the hard work.

And there she goes on her first test drive! She did so good that we decided to reward her with a trip to Seattle on Friday. Plus Kade has been dying to take Woody to the Space Needle ever since he got here.

Here is Ryne hanging out at Pike Place Market waiting for Kyle and Woody to get a little fresh seafood for lunch. Doesn't he look so grown up?

And here it is....what Kade had been waiting over a week for....a trip to show Woody the Space Needle! He was so proud....talked about it all the way to Seattle. In fact, he wanted to go to the Needle before we did anything else. We told him we were going to get lunch and then go to the Space Needle and he said "we need to go to the Space Needle first and then we can go have lunch...yep, that's what we need to do".

I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed having Woody spend time with us. Kade and Ryne are especially fond of Woody. It's like they've had a live in Grandpa. He is so good with them. I'm not sure they are going to let him leave come Wednesday morning. I'm not sure I want him to leave either. It has been so nice having an extra person around for the boys to entertain, or I guess the more honest way to say has been so nice having Woody here to entertain our boys. I think he has become Ryne's favorite person. Just look:

Woody and Ryne have daily talks and Ryne just loves it. He smiles and laughs at Woody like crazy. It is precious.

Today was a beautiful day here in DuPont and I actually convinced Kade to put on some shorts and a short sleeve shirt. This was a really big deal because he hasn't wanted to wear a short sleeve shirt since we moved here. I told him it would be perfect for playing ball outside and so he was in. Of course that meant we absolutely HAD to go play ball outside.

Look at my little baseball player.
Let me just say, he looks the part much better than he plays the part. Got lots of practicing to do. I think he's going to be better at golf!

But at least he was trying right? Shouldn't he get an E for effort?

He played so hard. And he fell and scraped his knees up. At lunch time he looked at Kyle and said, "I need medicine for my knee and I need to take a nap." What? This from the kid who we always have to convince that naptime is a necessity? Well, we thought laying in his bed made his knee hurt and asked to sleep on his bean bag. I thought, yeah right, like he's not gonna just sit there and play and read books....well, just look at how he proved Momma wrong!

As a special treat today, I got to get away for a ladies tea! Left Kyle and Woody on baby boy watch and got to take a little break. Our friend Berit, who comes to Bible Study with us on Wednesday nights, went with me. We really had a good time.

The ladies at Sunbreak did a great job of making us all feel so special. And I found out that I really enjoy Peppermint tea. (I was just trying whatever was Decaf.)

And for an extra challenge today...want to be sure I earn my "happy mother's day" wishes tomorrow.....I took both of the boys grocers shopping by myself. Kyle and Woody dropped us off at the grocery store and I was very thankful that the "delivery truck" buggy was available for us to use because I knew Kade was going to need some entertainment. He was an excellent driver and a great help.

Here he is picking out which coffee he thinks we should buy for Daddy.
That's after he had already chosen some applesauce for us to purchase. Thankfully he was okay with me putting his items back and we didn't have to buy anything that wasn't on our list.
And speaking of's a good thing that ours wasn't very long. Why? Well, look:

When you have the buggy full of babies and diaper bags there isn't anywhere to put the groceries!
We managed to get everything on our list plus I tossed in some Peppermint Tea just for me. Kyle and Woody picked us up and it was a success!!!
So, groceries bought....clothes picked out for everybody for church tomorrow....boys both updated....Nighty-night all.

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Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Please tell Kutie Patutie that he is sleeping in my bed! Love it!!