Saturday, May 23, 2009

We've Been Busy!

It's been a week since you've heard anything from the Lewallens. Why? Well, we've been busy. What in the world could keep you so busy that you couldn't manage to post on your blog, you might ask? Okay, you twisted my arm and I'm gonna tell you.

Besides from the normal day to day of keeping up with a two year old and a four month old and cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, making time for the gym and teaching online science classes.....well this week we:

*had a cookout at the park on Sunday night with our small group

Kade discovered that he really likes watermelon.

And that he likes to play kick ball when Daddy helps him run the bases.

*Hair appointment on Tuesday. It takes a while to color all of my grays...gotta love least my hair girl told me she loved my genetics, it's job security for her!

*Had a Kade check-up on Wednesday morning followed by a stop at the grocery store. Then home to get our house ready for Wednesday night Bible Study...which was really good, by the way!

*I had week 2 of our new ladies Bible study on Thursday morning.

Just look at these ladies...they are so much fun and very precious. We had a great time discussing just how much we really needed this past weeks lessons. Our study is called Frazzled Female....can you just tell by my post already that I might just get a bit Frazzled from time to time? Come to find out, I'm not the only one who has that problem!

*D and Lissa came over after the boys were in bed on Thursday and Kyle and I got to go out for a late night dinner. So nice to have some time together without our sweet boys. We need that every now and then. Thanks again, D and Lissa!

*Friday, we had our neighbors Audrey and Rip over for dinner. It was great fun! They are both military people and he is about to be deployed this summer and she is expecting a baby soon after that. So, you praying people, please pray for Audrey and that baby while Daddy Rip is away. We really like this couple and had a good time getting to know them better. We discovered that they like to play Nertz...our favorite card game!!!!! (don't tell the guys I old you this but Audrey and I kicked their tails at Nertz)

*Today, which is still Saturday here in WA, we made a trip to Seattle to meet our new little baby cousin, Levi. Our cousins William and Dina and their two year old son Jude had a get together today to celebrate Levi's arrival. Then we swung by IKEA to pick up a couple of things that I saw they were having on sale this weekend (a chair for my quiet time spot and a book case that I want to turn into a toy bin for the loft). Oh my, I could make an entire post about this place. It was crazy! Just ask Kyle....crazy big, crazy crowded, crazy that both of our boys were trying to sleep in the buggy. I asked if we could just have an IKEA day sometime and come back when some of those crazy things weren't so crazy and enjoy it. I'll try to post more about IKEA then.
Got home in time to really enjoy the beautiful day outside playing with Kade.

So, that sounds like a pretty busy week, huh? Well let me tell you something else to add to the picture. See this guy:

He's really growing and he really like to eat his cereal these days...and he thinks he's supposed to eat when the rest of us are at the table now I'm back to feeding a baby first and then feeding myself. I remember now why it was so nice when Kade started feeding himself.

And this is another picture of Ryne:

Just because the rest of them are going to be of Kade.

Why just Kade?
Well, because he's the real reason this week has been so busy. He's been working on wearing these:

That's right....big boy underwear!!!! We started for serious potty training this week.
Now for the Grandparents and Family who really care to know all about it (I completely understand if the rest of you choose to stop reading at this point) here's how it went:

On Monday, the boys and I went to the dollar store and I let Kade pick out a bunch of prizes. You can see him here doing his shopping.
Then after naptime on Monday we put on the big boy underwear and started "earning" those prizes that he picked out. Every time he went to the potty and had dry underwear then he got to choose a prize to have. Within a few hours he had already earned three prizes and just had to get outside to play with them.

Here he is with his new shovel, rake, and bug catcher.

He really likes the bug catcher...we've had to catch new bugs to put in it everyday.
He did very good all day on Monday. Tuesday started out pretty good and then he had a couple of accidents. He found out that when he had an accident then he had to choose a prize to give back. That was a hard decision for him. But when he realized he could earn it back by using the potty next time then it got better. Wednesday we had several accidents and Mommy dearest wanted to give up but I wouldn't let myself. Thursday was better, only a couple of accidents. Friday...only one pair of big boy underwear all day long! Today, trip to Seattle and back included here....only one pair of big boy underwear all day long!!! We are so proud of this little guy. And I'm praying that this means success long term. Here he is showing off a couple more of the prizes he has earned...

a paddle ball

an apron to help Mommy cook dinner

So, there you have it, a potty-training two-year old is the main reason we've been so busy. But it has been a good week of life with the Lewallens.
My next post will likely come to you from South Arkansas. The boys and I are flying to AR on Monday so I'll be busy packing tomorrow!
****Happy Memorial Day Weekend****


Amber said...

Hooray for Kade!!!! Potty training is big stuff. Sounds like you are doing a great job, Momma!

Hope you have a great trip and visit with your family!! :)

nertzfan said...

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