Monday, May 4, 2009

Hair Do's and Doctors Appointments

Life with the Lewallen's is always full of adventure....even if we stay at home all day, there is a certain two-year old who always adds the element of adventure to our life. Just the other day he pulled part of an old sonic toy out of his toy basket. It was a two-inch long skate board made for a little plastic skateboarder. Kade thought he was the little plastic skateboarder as he announced to me, "look, Mom, my skate board!!" He then proceeded to put it on the floor stand on it with is right foot and scoot himself around on it using his left foot to push off. He "skated" all around the living room and kitchen. It was hilarious. I hope he never finds out what size skateboard he should really be riding....that would probably leave nice little marks on my floors.

We have had some absolutely beautiful days lately, with just a few rainy days mixed in to remind us we live in Washington. Everything is turning bright green and the flowers are really starting to bloom. Oh, how I love it here! But just so those of you back home don't think I'm losing any love for my roots:

Ryne says, "Wooo, Pig Soooie!! Go Razorbacks!!!"
Isn't he adorable in his little Hog outfit. And remember this is a native northwesterner, we are trying to be sure he learns to appreciate the finer things in life. Ha!

On Friday, it was so amazingly beautiful that we just had to get out of the house. Kyle and Woody were busy working on the car so the boys and I had to head out to the park all by ourselves. It was a fun trip and the boys were very good for me. The only hard part was when Kade decided to take off running across the field and I had to try to catch up to him pushing a stroller across the bumpy grass.....not such a bad trip!

Here is Kade jumping down from a rock at the park. For some reason he always wants to visit the rocks and climb up on each one of them. Once he climbs on each of them he is ready to move on.

Ryne had a fun time at the park, too....and poor guy all he got to do was hang out in his stroller and watch Kade and me. See that smile. He smiling either because he's having fun or because he got a look at Kade's hair:

Yep, good thing this guy likes to wear his hats because once nap time happens at our house, there is no helping this kid's hair. Well, that is unless you start all over and soak his head down. And usually if we say, "Kade, let's fix your hair" he follows with a "I don't want water". So we go for the hat if we really don't have anywhere fancy to go.
On this day however, it was becoming apparent to me that it was time for a haircut. This is more than just bad hair, this is too long hair. Just look at the back:

It seems like this happens overnight. On Thursday, Kade's hair was a good length. On Friday, it was crazy long. So after dinner Friday night we got a haircut:

Looks better doesn't it?

Now for the really big news.
Ryne went to the doctor today for his four month check up.

Little Gilligan here is all packed up and ready to go.

What are the new stats?
25 3/4 inches long
15 lbs 14.5 oz

The really good news....the news I was just waiting to hear.....
The good Doctor said "Feed this boy!!!"
Woo Hoo!!! We get to start cereal.
Why am I so excited? Well, this little guy just gets all excited when we are at the table eating and he is watching. You can just see on his face that he wants some. Plus, I am ready for him to go more than three hours between feedings and I think a little cereal might help.
We stopped on the way home and bought our little guy some cereal.
And guess what Ryne had for lunch today?

Yes, he did....he had some cereal!

And look how much he liked it! He thought he was big enough to feed himself already.
So, that is the big news in our world today. Ryne gets to eat real food with the big people. At supper tonight we let him sit at the table while we ate lasagna and I fed him cereal and he seemed so pleased with life.
So, Kade has a new hairdo and Ryne has a new menu.

Woody is still here and we are really enjoying time with him. Kade and Ryne think he is lots of fun and I'm not so sure they are going to let him go home next week. He and Kyle have been busy working on our car.

This is what life is probably going to be about for the next couple of days so since I don't know much about mechanic-y stuff I just might not have anything to post about. So, if you wonder what we're up to and I haven't been here to tell ya....well, just take a look at this here picture and you are sure to be caught up.
Have a fabulous week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Jensen weighed 15 lbs 14 oz when she went to the doctor last week - and she was almost 6 months old!!! It seems that cousin Ryne is going to be a big boy! its funny to me that Ryne, Jensen, and Taylor are all about a pound apart but in reverse of how they should be... the youngest weighs the most! I sure wish we could get them all together to let them play!!! Looks like yall are doing well and I love reading your blogs!!! Oh and that picture of Ryne with his spoon in his hand/mouth looks so much like Jensen! They have the same rolls and hair right now!!! too funny!

we love you,
Joy & Jensen

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Think I have fixed the "don't want water on my hair" problem. We will see when he gets home. Our little boys are really growing. Love you all, CG & Granddaddy