Thursday, April 30, 2009

Farewell April

Guess who turned four months old today?

Mr. Cool himself. Ryne William! Four months.....I think this past month was the fastest yet. I have to say, it has been a good month. Ryne is really developing a fun little personality. He laughs a lot and loves to talk to us. He has also taken a new interest in his big everything he does and really tries to talk to him, too. Likes to play with toys, which mostly amounts to chewing on them, but likes it nonetheless. Great at sitting in his bumbo seat to watch some t.v. with Kade every now and then. Enjoys playing in his exersaucer, especially now that the new has worn off and Kade isn't so interested in helping him play with it anymore. I think he is really wanting to eat some food, you should hear the noises he makes when we are all sitting at the table and he is watching every bite we take. I'm hoping his doctor will tell us on Monday "give this kid some cereal". Month three was a good month for Ryne, I'm really looking forward to month four. Here are a few more pictures that we took today so you can see how much he is growing.

Special birthday surprise for Ryne.....

Our great friend Woody came to town!!!! He flew in from Maryland this morning and is going to get to stay almost two weeks with us. We are so excited that he is here. Woody is going to work on my car for me and that is a huge blessing, but that's not the best part. The best part is just getting to have some time to hang out with Woody. I sure wish that everybody could know Woody. Kade is super excited that Woody is here and had a great time playing with him today. I think Kade is already making plans to take him to the Space Needle on Saturday. We'll keep you posted on that.

Look at this kid. Does he look sweet? Mischievous? Adorable? Funny? Two-years old?
Well, he is definitely all of those things. Let me tell you a bit about what he has been up to lately. He has been working on learning to obey and doing a little better this week. Have had a few moments but not near as many as last week. He has been making me laugh. Mostly at things he has been saying. Sometimes they are really funny and sometimes they are the ones where you really want to laugh but shouldn't. Here are some examples:

Funny and should laugh:
I'm changing Kade's diaper and he says to me "Happy Birthday, Mom!" (it's not my birthday but Kade likes to tell us this from time to time because he thinks it's a nice thing to say) I simply respond, "Thank you, Kade." Then Kade looks at me in all seriousness and says "you need some cake, Mom". (because birthdays and cake go hand in hand to him) My response to this was honest. "Oh, Kade, I can't have any cake. Mommy is trying to eat healthy." With a look of dispair he quickly shoots back to me. "No, Mom, don't eat healthy, me and Daddy need cake!"

Funny and not so funny all at the same time:
Kade is in Kyle's office, sitting in his chair with a pen (more on pens later) that he has taken apart. I ask him to give me the pen and he refuses. So, I go to take the pen away from him and he jerks away so that I can't get it. So, I tell him to obey and give me the pen, reach out to take it from him a second time, he jerks away and says to me: "Cooperate, Mom, cooperate!"
I had to suppress the laughs and explain to him that it was his job to cooperate not mine.
I did get the pen and put it back together but Kade wasn't very happy about it.

Another funny and not so funny one:
Tonight, I'm cooking supper and Kade is running around the kitchen playing with a punchball. Only he isn't punching it, instead he is throwing it up in the air. He gets a bit to close to the stove and I tell him that he has to move back. After he gets to close a third time and I remind him to move back, I follow it up with "If you get to close again I will take your balloon away." His reply:
"This is my balloon, Mama. This is not your balloon. Are you kidding me?"
Yes, he said "are you kidding me?" to his Mom!
I just suppressed the laughs again and said. "No, I'm not kidding you. It is your balloon, but I am the Mama and I can take it away from you if you don't obey." That must have worked because I didn't have to get on to him again.

Have time for another Kade story? Well, our boy LOVES to draw and color. One of his most favorite things to do is to draw with a pen. He often does this sitting in Kyle's lap in the office. Remember me finding him coming out to the office from rendevous with the pen and paper while C.G. and Grandaddy were sleeping?
Well, I found him in the office drawing one day and asked him what he was doing and he said, "Writing my Matthew." I asked him to repeat it because I wasn't sure that is what he said. And sure enough that is what he said. "Writing my Matthew." I asked for clarification and found out it was Matthew as in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I was okay with that one. The next day I find him in the office drawing again and ask him what he's doing. This time he says, "Drawing a coupon, Mom." "A coupon?" "Yea, Mom, a coupon." "What's it for?" "For Kade." "What are you going to use it for?" "It's for fruit punch." "Okay, finish drawing your coupon and let's go have lunch."
Isn't the imagination of a two-year-old amazing?
Well, the Matthew writing is good, the coupon drawing is fun, and he really does color some pretty amazing pictures in his new coloring books. BUT....he crossed the line yesterday:

He left a masterpiece on our kitchen table. YIKES!!! And this picture is after Kyle has worked on the art project with magic eraser, rubbing alchol, hairspray, and orange glo. Maybe one day Kade will be a famous artist and our table will be worth something....because as of yesterday it just went down in value. Yes, he did get in big trouble and has lost his pen privileges for the time being.

Let me end by telling you what else our two-year-old artist came up with today. We work on questions about the Bible and Jesus. If you ask him who we worship he says, Jesus. If you ask him who Jesus is, he says God. If you ask him who the Bible tells us about he says, Jesus. If you ask him what Jesus tells us in the Bible he says, obey your parents (we think that's a pretty good first memory verse). So, Kyle was working with him last night about how much does Jesus love us. Kyle stretched his arms out wide and said "this much", Kade followed suit by stretching his arms out and saying "this much". We figured he had that one down. This morning Kade was chatting with C.G. on the phone and Kyle was asking him these questions. When Kyle asked him "how much does Jesus love us?" Kade forgot to stretch out his arms and forgot the answer he'd been taught last night. So, he just said "More than enough." Kyle and I both looked at each other in amazement. Wow! How true. Neither one of us have ever told him that, so where did he come up with it? Maybe that was something he learned while writing his Matthew?
Thank you Jesus for loving us More than Enough!!!
And thank you for giving me Kade to remind me just how much you love us, even when I do wrong things like writing on tables and trying to make you cooperate with me instead of cooperating with You. Just like I still love Kade more than enough, You still love me more than enough. Wow!


Carozza Family said...

The nertz table has character now. You know Aunt red has an eye for art and that is good. Love all the stories of sweet Kade! Thank you so much for sharing. Miss and Love you!

Carozza Family said...

GREAT stories. Their smater than you think! Miss you guys.

rhodesrules said...

Hey Terry!

I love reading all the stories about Kade and Ryne. They're getting so big. It's good to hear something about Woody! We miss him like crazy! BTW, Levi's doctor told us to feed him cereal at 4 months, so maybe Ryne won't feel so deprived soon!


patti said...

that kade is something else!! I can't watch sid the science kid without laughing and thinking of kade. What a sweet boy who brings lots of laughter to the world!