Sunday, April 26, 2009

Behind Again

Yep, I am officially behind in my posting....AGAIN!
Well, let's see, I have lots of excuses. Let's try a list form.
We were working outside in our yard for three days in a row - ALL day long. Big deal right? Well, it's a big deal when daylight in Washington now lasts until 8:30 pm. Supper time has come and gone before we even realize it if we don't keep an eye on the clock. Crazy! But I do love it!!! Got some great new landscaping going on and some fun pictures of Kade helping out to share soon.
Kyle made a trip to sunny southern California last week for a conference. The boys and I were doing life without him for four days last week. Less extra time on my hands. Plus I have this thing about not wanting to advertise to the world wide web that me and the boys are home alone.
Arkansas Virtual High School Students seemed to be trying to catch up last week. So, I had quite a bit of work to grade and that monopolized my computer time.
Can we say LAUNDRY???? Oh dear, did I ever have masses of laundry to wash, dry and fold? I think it was fifty loads that ended up all piled up on my love seat just begging to be folded.
Got them folded before Kyle came home Friday night and Kyle got them upstairs before our Bible study group came over tonight for a get-together. But they are still calling out from the laundry baskets to be put away in their rightful places.
Tulips Blooming!
Spent yesterday at the Skagit County Tulip Festival. Absolutely Beautiful! WAY too many people in one county! Have some nice pics of the tulips to share with you soon.
Bible study get-together at our place tonight to make up for missing Wednesday night (Derek and Kyle were both in Cali). Yummy eats and a great time was had by all.
And for my last excuse. The best excuse of all.
Where, oh, where has my Kade gone????
For some reason this week something seemed to snap with him and he has had a very hard time obeying. I have spent a LOT of time trying to get him to behave and disciplining him when he didn't. Maybe tomorrow I'll ask him if he can just go ahead and be three.

So, there you have it...those are my excuses. I will try to fill you in on Life with the Lewallens complete with pictures very soon. This post is courtesy of a server that was down and wouldn't allow me to get my school work done.....because that is what I was actually supposed to be doing when I sat down with the computer.


Amber said...

Oh girl....I understand!!!!! And the laundry? Oh, how I understand!

And...I hate to break it to you...threes are worse than twos. Yikes.

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Laundry? Ladybug, just don't worry about that simple stuff. That will all still be there when the boys are grown and gone. As for that 2 year old of yours.....send him to Granddaddy and CG's house til he outgrows all those growing pains!!!! I like that idea.YEAH! Love and miss you all bunches and bunches. Mom aka CG

patti said...

Ok...CG you must be talking to our mimi because they keep trying to send Grayson to live with them.

funny thing b/c we just hit 3 and oh terry, it's bad! well, we daily look at each other and say he's 3 now. the twos were nothing compared to g and all his glory right now. maybe the 3s will be good to you. the 2s seems great to looking back.

oops...I'm the 2nd one to tell you the 3 get worse...well the positive to it all if I make it through the 3s then you know you can do it b/c you can already survive with 2 and I haven't done that yet. :) big hugs for real big hug with a squeeze. :)