Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday was a very important day in my life. Not because we were celebrating my half-birthday a day late, No, No. BECAUSE SONIC CAME TO TOWN!!! Okay, not technically my town but a town within driving distance! Only 25 minutes away!!!! If you have been keeping up with my blog then you know how much I absolutely love SONIC and how much I have absolutely missed it since moving to Washington.
I would rank yesterday's importance something like this:

1- The day of my salvation
2- My wedding
3- The birth of my children
4- SONIC came to town

Okay, so there may actually be a few more days of importance that rank above it but yesterday it sure didn't feel like it. The grand opening of this sonic was yesterday and I looked forward to going all day long. Our neighbors and friend Ben were all worked up about it, too, so we made plans to go when everyone got off work.
Here's how it went:

We parked and started walking.
It's SONIC....a drive-up place, right?

Well, just look at all of the people waiting to drive-up and order some delicious SONIC food.
We were at the end of this line when we decided to just park it and walk in and order at one of the walk-up spots.

This sign greeted us as we came across the corner. Only it needed to have a X 2 out beside it!
That's right. We waited almost three hours. Were they really that slow? Nope. Not slow at all.
Just really busy!

See this beautiful sight?

Here is a lot full of cars filled with people just as excited about SONIC as me.
That line of cars that we saw first.....well, they were just waiting to get into this lot, called the "staging area". We counted and guessed that there were a minimum of 70 cars in this lot and then probably another 50 or so waiting in line to get into this lot.
Good thing we walked in right?

We weren't the only ones with that idea. The lines for the walk-up-and-order spots were pretty long, too.

Mr. Eric takes his turn keeping up with the Kadester. Kade really liked sitting on his shoulders.

They passed out menus in hopes that people would know what they wanted before they got their turn to order. I might appear to be checking out this menu but I had been knowing for days exactly what I would order. Cheeseburger plain, onion rings, Route 44 Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and a Reese's cup Blast.

The owner came around with little samples of drinks. Kade's trying out a new mango limeade and I think he really liked it.

I get my turn hanging on to the Kadernator. He was unbelievably good last night. Can't even tell you how happy I was about that! Waiting in line with us like a trooper. Said he wanted his Cheeseburger and Ice Cream. You better believe my baby got his Cheeseburger and Ice Cream.

And both of my boys here are chowing down on some yumalicious SONIC burgers! Kade ate like a champ....guess he was pretty hungry since it was 10:15...YIKES!

All of that yummy SONIC...totally worth the wait!

Stephanie digging into a chili-cheese coney!

Delicious! And check out Ryne, he was a trooper. He woke up to eat and hung out with us for a few minutes and was back out like a light.

Kade digging into his ice cream.

Of course, I ate it ALL up!

And anything that didn't get finished made the trip back to the vehicles with us. Mr. Eric is very brave for letting Kade hold his drink on top of his head. But just look at the satisfaction on Kade's face. I think we have a SONIC fan on our hands! Like Mother, Like Son! Even if that's not how the saying really goes!


Rachel said...

i LOVE this post...YAH FOR SONIC IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST! I am so excited for y'all! ok-so my WA sonic story-Washington's first Sonic was in Spokane-and it came the April(yes, sad I remember) that we moved here..the first weekend it was here-the food was FREE!!! the lines looked the same but we didn't care, I was there ordering a burger and a large diet cherry vanilla coke-no one knew why I love sonic so much-some people still look at me strange when I talk about how much I love it-I tell them, IT MUST BE A SOUTHERN THING!! I am so excited y'all have one...now we just need a chick-fil-a!!! Eric and I were talking-and thinking we need to plan a hike sometime soon? we could meet in the middle for the day?

Amber said...

Okay...you have convinced me. I will never take Sonic for granted again.

Try the Pickle-Os. Oh my goodness.

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

I do believe that Stephanie had the best meal.