Monday, April 6, 2009

Daddy's home

Kyle left this past Thursday heading to West Virginia to do some preaching. I haven't posted anything since then for two reasons. Reason number 1: Not much spare time on my hands while Kyle was gone. Reason number 2: I couldn't post about life with the Lewallen's without mentioning that Kyle was gone and call me silly but I didn't want some crazy person to happen across our blog and be aware of the fact that me and my two baby boys were home alone.....I know you're thinking "this girl has watched too many Without a Traces and CSI's". You're probably right. But I figured better safe than sorry.
That leaves me with several days to catch up on. So, let's go right ahead catching up.

Ryne got this cute hat Wednesday night at Bible Study. Ms. Jan brought this hat to him an animal crackers to Kade. Both boys were well pleased. Bible study was good.
Thursday we dropped Kyle off at the airport and headed home for Mommy and Sons weekend. All in all I must say it went quite well. We didn't take a trip to Disneyland or anything but both little guys were well behaved. I was able to accomplish one major task this weekend. CLEANING OUT THE PANTRY/LAUNDRY ROOM. Kade had to help of it took all of three days to complete this task but here it is the befores and afters:

Not only did we get the pantry/laundry room clean we also managed get all the laundry done and care for our neighbors dogs while they were out of town. So I guess it's okay that we dined on waffles for dinner one night and cereal for dinner another night? We did splurge and have a frozen pizza for dinner on Saturday night.

Kade decided that his new favorite place to watch his morning time t.v. shows is on the deck of his slide. He eventually requested to have "blue" (his blanket), his milk and his bowl of shredded wheat join him on the slide for the mornings. What else might Kade have been up to while Daddy was away? He discovered that the water in the toilet was reachable and splashable. I'm chatting with my sister on the phone while feeding Ryne one night and I hear Kade in the bathroom say "hey Mom, I found some water, Plash hear it Mom? Plash Plash!"

Sunday morning we had another huge Mommy morning. We all three got ready for church with time to spare. D and Lissa came early to help out but by the time they got here all was done except for getting Kade's coat on and my shoes on. They showed up just in time to hold Ryne so I could get those two things done. We were actually early for Sunday School! Thanks D and Lissa for escorting us to church.
Picked up Kyle at the airport last night and we were sooo glad to have him home. He had a great time in West Virginia!
Now on to today...can we say is the most beautiful spring day in DuPont, Washington. Been trying to soak it up. Take a look:

These flowers are from a tree in our front yard. Love spring. In Arkansas it always made my allergies go in Washington? So far, not one sneeze yet!!! Have I mentioned that I LOVE it here in Washington?

Derek came over to chat with Kyle for a bit and it was just too nice of a day to stay inside. Isn't it nice that they let Ryne hang out with them too?

Kade wasn't interested in hanging out with D and Daddy because he was too busy investigating the ants.

Checking out more ants.

Ryne got to enjoy some time in his new exersuacer outside.

Kade was so funny because he laid on his tummy and watch the ants crawl all around. For every ant he spotted, Kade announced "I watch him crawl".

More Ryne in his exersuacer.

Kade having a little tricycle time. Like his outfit? He picked it out all by himself. Came downstairs with shirt, pants, socks and shoes. I was so proud of him!
This picture reminds me of another Kade funny. He was sitting on his tricycle and Kyle and Derek came around with the wheel barrow and it had a flat tire. Kyle was trying to air it up and it wasn't airing up. Kyle said to Derek, "aw, man, the air is coming out at the side right here." Without missing a beat Kade responded "that's not good!" As though Kyle had been talking just to him. Of course we all cracked up and Kade just looked at us in a way that said "what's so funny?" I sure hope Kade is always funny. He's our little comedian.


Amber said...

Missed you while you were gone!! Glad you are back! :)

Life without daddy is never easy...but my favorite part are the EASY dinners! We eat lots of mac-n-cheese, cereal, and hot dogs while daddy is away!!!

patti said...

Wow, I am impressed with mommy and making church. You did better than me we just made it to church...but get this there was a fire (everyone was safe) so I got up and ready and went right back home. :)

seriously, I get it ...I usually don't talk about our trips or greg being gone until after its all said and done. Safety is a good thing.

glad you are not having allergy issues and getting some nice weather. Can't wait to hear about your beautiful spring and summer!!

and oh, i didn't call b/c my cell phone died so i have no numbers until it's fixed or they retrieve them for me.