Friday, April 17, 2009

We Have A Problem

Kade woke up the other day while we were in Spiro and came to tell me "I've got a problem in here". Never could figure out what the problem was that time. However, I now have a problem of my own. I'm sure you really don't want to know about all of my problems but I will feel better if I share this one. The problem: I do not have access to my pictures from last week and therefore I still cannot blog about our adventures. Boo Hoo! I know I'm whiny but I really want to get this blog updated so that I feel like I can move on with life. Seriously, I find myself hoping that nothing eventful happens in my world until I can catch up on my blog.....I feel like anything blogworthy happening right now would just set me back even further. I know I'm crazy but that is just the way it family already knows I'm crazy so this should not come as a surprise to many!
Oh, why do I not have access to my pictures? Well, while we were gone we only took Kyle's computer; my memory card on my camera got full and I had to download pictures to Kyle's computer in order to be prepared to capture further memories. Of course Kyle has to use his computer to work just as much as I do and it seems that when I have blog time on my hands, like right now, his computer is unavailable. Maybe I'll just stay up tonight late and catch up so that I feel like I can move on with life.
There you have it...that is my problem. Guess if that's the only problem I have to whine about right now then life is pretty good. So, until my free time and Kyle's computer's free time happen to come together, keep waiting for that doozie!


The Haywoods said...

Just think of it as building suspense! You're regular readers will keep checking me!

Amber said...

Ooohh...the suspense!

But we would forgive you if you got out of order....