Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yard Work

Last week we spent several days working out in our yard. Our landscaping really needed some help. So, we helped it. The back yard required lots of dirt to be hauled in. Front yard needed some big bushes dug up and relocated. We got some nice new plants to put in the front to hopefully add some curb appeal to our place. Kyle and I both love to work in the yard but since the addition of Kade and Ryne we've had to be a little more creative and patient in trying to get things done. Basically, I'm not near as much help as I used to be because somebody always needs to get a dry diaper, or eat, or burp, or have a paci. So, as you can see here, Kade is trying to take up my slack these days!

Kade with his wheel barrow all ready to work.

Daddy loads Kade's wheel barrow up with dirt for him.

Kade moving dirt....isn't that what wheel barrows are for?

I don't think Kyle could ask for a better helper.

Like Father Like Son

Kyle is giving Kade wheel barrow lessons...he did have a little trouble staying on a straight path.

The look of a hard day's work.

Kade thought Kyle dug that hole just for him to play in.

Day two of yard work. Kade introduces Ryne to a worm. Literally this is what I hear:
"Ryne, this is a worm. It's a worm, Ryne. Ryne, you see this worm? This is a worm."
Wonder what else Ryne will learn from Kade before this adventure is over?

Not real sure how he got dirt on his face like this but he did say to me, "Look, Mom, I have whiskers!"

This was Ryne's post while the yard work was being done. Guess we can call him supervisor!

See, can't you tell just how hard this kid has been working to make up for his Mommy's lack of assistance? Thanks Kade!!!


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Hmm,Just wondering where that there worm went after the introduction??? Any guesses? Love and hugs to you all!!!!

Terry Lewallen said...

Yep, I do know what happened to the worm, actually. Kade brought it over to the fence where we were working and said to the worm, "Okay, worm let's work. You help me work now, worm. Momma, my worm don't talk." I looked at the worm and it had been squeezed in half. I told him that that worm was no good anymore and he'd have to find another one. He tossed the worm along the dirt by the fence where we were working and said, "I'll be back, Mom. Gotta go get me another worm." And that's what he did.