Tuesday, April 28, 2009

While Daddy Was Out

Last week Kyle went to a conference in California. Me and my baby boys were in for an adventure. Well, maybe I should clarify....I was in for an adventure.

Tried to get out of the house at least once everyday. The first day that only amounted to driving through WalGreens to pick up a prescription and then driving through Jack-In-The-Box for dinner. So, we conquered Drive-Thrus!!!!

Wednesday evening we went with our neighbors and Alissa to CostCo to buy supplies for our Sunday night Bible Study party. Alissa pushed the buggy loaded down with Kade and Ryne and I had a grocery buggy. Another success!

Thursday we had a big night out planned with our neighbors. Dinner at the Space Needle (Kade's all time favorite place). We've never eaten there before because its kind of a swanky expensive little joint. BUT...they were having a Space Needle Birthday Bash and had some great menu prices. Our neighbors, Eric, Justine and Stephanie, thought it would be a great idea to go. They knew Kyle was out of town and made reservations for the boys and me to join them. I was nervous about taking them out to eat without Daddy's help and a little skeptical about how things would pan out there. As Thursday came and Kade decided to start acting like a two-year-old (oh, it was a really bad Kade day) I was really nervous about this little outing. However.....we loaded up and headed to Seattle and Kade was fabulous! Of course my neighbors are so sweet and always help out with Kade so it made my evening much easier. All in all it was a very fun evening and I was pleased that for a few hours Kade forgot he was two.

On Friday, my friend Dawn and her baby Aaron came over and we loaded the boys up and went to a consignment sale in Puyallup (Pew-Ah-Lup), just a couple of towns away. It was supposed to be fabulous. Well, it wasn't!!! We probably spent more time getting the boys in their strollers and into the sale than we actually spent at the sale. There really wasn't much there that we were interested in and the wait to check out was an hour and a half. Kade was having some more two-year-old moments so we decided to just leave empty handed. Headed to the mall where we knew they had both a playground and food. Played. Ate. Headed home.

Spent Friday afternoon trying to get all twenty-five loads of laundry folded and suitcases from our trip to AR and OK unpacked....all in an effort to look like I actually accomplished something before Kyle got home Friday night.
I was definitely glad to get my hubby back Friday night. He and the other guys had a really good time at the conference and I'm so glad that he got to go BUT I was SOOOO glad to have him back home.
Here's a look at some of what we did while he was gone:

Fireman Kade joined me for lunch one day.

My Rescue Hero!

Daddy, hurry home...Kade came out of my closet wearing a pair of my high heel shoes and then found my curling iron in the cabinet and told me he needed to curl his hair. At least he does have on Spider-man underwear and an army helicopter shirt, right?

So, here is Kade in his favorite elephant slippers, his guitar shirt and Yes, Yes, Big Boy Underwear. I made an attempt at potty-training while Kyle was gone. Day 1 was great. Kade went all day without any accidents until 9:15 that night. I consider that one my fault because normally he would have already been in bed. That was the night we went to CostCo and he even wore his big boy underwear to the store with no accidents. I was so proud.
Day 2.....a different story. It was a two-year-old day, I guess, because he had four accidents before lunch!!! He would go to the potty and not five minutes later he would be sitting in a puddle. I felt like he was doing it on purpose but I never could figure out why????? In fact at one point he even told me.....Mom, I just want to wear a diaper! WHAT?
So, we were not successful at the potty training bit while Dad was gone and the potty training saga continues in the Lewallen household. Anybody have a fabulous idea they would like to share with me?

Here's Ryne all snazzed up for a night out at the Space Needle .

And Kade, not quite ready to get all snazzed up for the Space Needle.
Remember, this was a bad Kade day.

And here is proof of a two-year-old moment.

Finally got a nice pose of both of my little men all decked out for dinner.

Hana and her family met us for dinner at the Space Needle.

Hana, me and the boys waiting for our table.

Now check out the view from our table. Kade seemed more interested in the crayons, but the view was spectacular. And for those of you who might not know, the restaurant revolves. Pretty cool except for when you need to go change a diaper and you don't know which way to go to get to the restroom the fastest because it's location in relation to you has changed since you were seated.

Ryne and I were enjoying our time together. Steph was taking care of Kade for me!

The coolest dessert ever. It had some cool space-agey name. Ice cream with smoke coming out from under it. Was created for the space needle restaurant in like 1962.

Kade looking up at the space needle after dinner.

Playtime at the mall with Dawn and Aaron.

Kade getting ready to swim with the dolphins. Playtime was much needed for this guy!

Kade looking over Ryne as we cruise through the mall. I really like my new double stroller. Kade has the option to stand or sit in the back of Ryne. There's only one problem, if he really wants to hop off while he's standing...there's nothing stopping him!

On Friday afternoon we took our daily trip to the mailbox and Kade had a package. Monk Monk had sent coloring books and crayons. Kade was thrilled. Coloring seems to be his new favorite thing to do. I had mentioned to Monk that Kade had already colored all of the pages in the coloring books that he got for Easter so she hooked him up with fresh pages to color.

Look, Mom, this one has crayons of its very own!
Thanks Monk, Monk!!!

And Ryne on Friday night seems to be saying, "Mommy, is Daddy ever coming home? I'm getting kind of tired of you and Kade." Can't say that I blame the poor guy.


Amber said...

What fun! You look like you had a blast (except for that one 2 year old day)!

The Space Needle is on my list of places I want to visit! How cool!!

And no help in the potty training department. They'll do it when their ready...not a second before.

And I'm coveting your clean floors in that fire truck picture. Hello!

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

I love you for getting us updated. Kyle will have to forgo any more trips because it puts all of us in limbo until he returnS!!!!!!!!!!! I think that my favorite picture in this group is the one with you and Ryne together. And that ice cream thingy looked as if it might blast off at any time. So glad that you have become such good friends with Steph and her family. love ya, CG