Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tulip Festival

This past Saturday we hit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It was something that I had been waiting to get to do since we moved here. Kept hearing how amazing it was. Well, it was amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Thousands of tulips. Also thousands of people....like crazy too many people for our liking. Not to mention, Kade decided to show his Daddy just how much of a two-year-old he learned to be while Kyle was gone. Part of Kade's problem was that there were so many people that we couldn't just let him run around a little bit because we were afraid he'd get lost in the crowd. So, he was a bit hard to deal with. Even after we let him get a fancy shark painted on his face. That also means that I didn't get that sweet little family picture of us all in the tulip fields. Oh well, life does go on. But the tulips were fabulous and I'm glad we got to see them....next year we might just try going on a Monday instead. Here are some pictures. I'll spare you the captions this time. Just enjoy!

Oh, Mrs. Nancy, this picture is for you. On our way out we happened by a daffodil field. Of course, I thought of you!

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