Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Three Months Old

Yesterday was Ryne's three month birthday....yep, already! In some ways it doesn't seem like three months at all...in other ways it seems like more than three months. Surely it's been longer than three months since I've slept all night long. It must have been more than three months now since I've been able to pack up my little guy Kade and head to the grocery store just the two of us. Definitely seems like longer than three months that my house has been out of order because I can't find time between holding a crying baby, bathing a crying baby, feeding a crying baby, or trying to convince a crying baby that he should sleep to clean it. Certainly feels like longer than three months that I've been doing most of my online teaching and blog posting one handed because the other hand is always busy with a baby.
Wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!!!
Three months have already passed and this guy will be 18 before I know it...which means his big brother will be 20...YIKES.
So, here they are some three month old pictures:

This picture here is actually KADE at three months. A good reminder of how quickly the time passes.

Here is Ryne at three months in the same little outfit. They sure do look a lot alike don't they?
I have to say that Ryne's feet are bigger because I had to squeeze them into these shoes to get the pic...I think he is a bit longer as well...the overalls seemed a bit short.

All dressed and ready for a trip to Red Robin in Seattle. We loaded up the boys and met some fellow church planters from the Seattle area for dinner. It was good to meet them and just spend some time with people who are doing what we're doing.

Posing in Big Brother Kade's "lightnin a'queen" chair.
I think he knows he has Kade's spot...just look at that grin.

Striking a pose just in time for Kade to come downstairs and declare, "Hey, that's my 'lightnin a'queen' chair, I need to sit in that chair!"

On the way home from Seattle I decided that I needed a little present for Ryne's three month birthday. He played so well in the exersaucer at church that I decided I needed for him to have one of those to play in at home.

He really likes it. So, does Kade. I think they will play well together with Ryne inside the exersaucer and Kade outside of it. Kade has already been trying to teach Ryne what all the farm animals are.
Bid you a farewell today with a short little video of Ryne sharing his thoughts on being three months old:


Amber said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Exersaucers are straight from Heaven...I'm sure of it!

patti said...

Wow...are you sure that isn't just two pictures of kade. I really didn't realize how much they look alike.

What precious, adorable boys. Happy 3 month!