Sunday, March 29, 2009

Post Happy

This is my third post tonight...why? Because I have lots of fun pictures from the past few days.

Yesterday morning I got Ryne out of the tub and wanted to take his picture in his robe. I made the mistake of telling Kade that was what I wanted to do and Kade quickly made his way into the chair and said "take my picture first mama!" So, what else could I do? Love that bed head!

Got a quick pic of the two of them together and then Kade happily gave up his spot for Ryne's photo shoot.

If that isn't the cutest smile....what is?

Kyle says he looks like a fighter all robed up in this shot.

Another cute grin.

How about that silly face?

Ryne all dressed up and ready for church this morning.

Kade and Ryne playing in the nursery at church. This was Ryne's first time in an exersaucer...gotta get one of those for our house soon!

Kade was flying the plane.

This afternoon Kade put on his "work clothes" and went outside to help Daddy unload some rocks and pile them in the back yard.

Look at what a good helper we have.

Kade kept telling us "I'm working hard." And just look at those rocks, pretty big, I think he was working hard. Check out the video below for proof.

After all that hard work we rewarded Kade with a trip to the park. Here he is checking out the grass.

For some reason he was fascinated with the grass. I think he must have eaten some of it because tonight when we were brushing his teeth he told me "mama, there's some grass in there, get it out."

Me and Kade hanging out in the fort at the park.

Mr. Cool

For Kade's last adventure he wanted to climb up and stand on all the rocks.

I took his picture on the first rock and then he decided that he needed his picture taken on every rock....yep, he climbed onto about six or seven rocks and requested that I take his picture. Aren't you glad I decided not to bore you with all seven rock pictures?
Well, until our next adventures.....


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

OHHH How we miss you guys!!!!!! We would have loved all 7 or 8 of the rock pictures. And Ryne has such a GREAT smile.
Love and miss you all bunches!!

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

By the way, CG has one of those saucer thingys at her house--hint hint :)

Amber said...

I just read all 3 of your posts.
Those clams are GROSS looking. Ick. Good for you for eating them after knowing what they really look like.

And how cute is Boxer Baby...I feel like I should start singing, "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!"

Carozza Family said...

Love all the postings!!! I have one of those saucers as well. After a trip to C.G., Ryne can come on over to Aunt Reds for another saucer adventure. I have got to see you guys! Thanks for posting.
Love ya!