Monday, March 16, 2009

Just some Highlights

Don't think that I have a whole lot to share today. Just getting started on a new week. Lots to get done this week: Dawn and Aaron are coming over today to hang out for a bit....Tuesday must be house cleaning day because Wednesday Mike and Juli Rogers, missionaries about to head out in a couple of weeks to Moldova, are coming to spend the day and hang around for Bible Study Wednesday night (looking forward to spending some time with them). Gotta get packed for our anniversary trip to Canada which means that I must get laundry done sometime. It is also a self-imposed requirement that we get our tax stuff together before we leave the country. Need to get some photo albums and photo frames sometime this week to put all these great new pics of my boys in, so a trip to the store needs to be worked in as well. Also need to return some books to the library for Kade...gee the longer I type the more stuff I realize I have to do this week. Yikes! All of that worked in along with taking care of two boys and teaching my online science classes. That's not to mention that I'm not completely sure what Kyle has planned for us to get done this week.
Guess that means I better finish this post by telling you about these pics and get started with my list!

Ryne sitting in the Bumbo...he's really getting big.

I like this pose. Can you tell he's getting big? I had to put away the 0-3 month clothes this weekend and get out the 3-6 monthers.

So, here's Kade in the Bumbo. Funny thing, he actually outgrew this little seat a LONG time ago because his chubby little legs would get stuck. When I got it down out of the closet for Ryne, Kade somehow knew it was "his" and he wanted to sit in it. He fits again! Those little legs have slimmed up. And of course when I took Ryne's picture in the Bumbo Kade was lined up to be next.

Lovely Nap Hair.

He's even cute with nap least his mommy thinks so.

Saturday morning was an adventure at the Lewallen's place. Our friend Amanda needed a babysitter last minute and called us up. We were happy to let Brooke and Raelyn come over to play. Brooke is four and Raelyn is one. Here is a shot of all of them hanging out in the loft. They were all very good and had a great time playing together. Although it looked like a bomb went off in all the toy boxes it was a fun day. Kyle and I got a taste of what it would be like to have four kiddos.....

Here's Ryne in his little "ranch hand" get up. Everyone at church yesterday just thought he was adorable.

And's our little clown Kade laying at the bottom of the stairs, elephant slippers kicked up on the rails, yelling up to us "I not ready to go upstairs yet".


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Ryne looks more like Kutie Patutie as he gets older. He has such a sweet smile and bright eyes. Can't wait to get to hug on him again!! And, Kade's CG loves his nap hair, also! I will say a prayer for all that needs to take place this week and won't bother you. Know that we love and miss you all.

Lydia said...

LOVE that nap hair...

Amber said...

Terry!!! I didn't know you were a blogger! Oh my goodness! This makes my day! I love finding new blogs to read!!! :)

C'mon on over and visit me!! :)

Love, Amber

Deby said...

Handsome, handsome boys! Ryne has grown a LOT! We miss you! ♥♥♥