Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clam Fry

In my last post Kyle was gone clam digging and the boys and I were about to get ready to go meet the clam diggers for a little "clam fry". It was a lot of fun but I found out that clam frying is a lot of work. See below:

Here is a picture of the fresh Razor Clams that the crew brought back from the coast. Kyle said that it was freezing cold...sleeting and snowing while they were in the ocean digging for these guys were quite a catch.

We all had a lesson in how to prepare clams to fry. First you have to drop them in some boiling water so that they will separate from their shells. Clams look disgusting without their shells, don't they?

Kyle, Andrea, and Brad are the first part of the assembly line here. Dropping fresh clams in the boiling water and taking them out when the shells come off.

All of these sweet ladies are working on cleaning the clams out. Once the non edible parts are removed they pass through a series of bowls of water where each person tries to remove as much of the grit as they can so that hopefully by the end of the assembly line they are grit free and ready to be breaded and fried.

Here Kyle and Brad have moved on to the second part of the assembly line....removing the inedible "guts" of the clam so they can be cleaned. Kade just had to get where he could watch what was going on.
The fried clams were good. Everyone really enjoyed chowing down on them. Kade was definitely a fan! So, fried clams for lunch Saturday and just look what he had in the mail when we got home that afternoon.....

Yes, Yes, C.G. felt so bad for Kade not having any "sea horse" food that she sent him some.
If you aren't sure what that's all about see my post here.

Look at what a good job C.G. did with her art work. Kyle said to Kade "what is that?" and Kade first responded "I don't know". Kyle told him to look at the picture and Kade immediately said, "that's a sea horse!"

See how he's checking out his new "sea horse" food! Had to have some right away. Wonder what he might ask for next that we don't have? Maybe a Suburban, or a Maid, or trip to Hawaii?

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Granddaddy and C.G. said...

I can draw pictures for anything that Kade would like. Love ya