Monday, March 9, 2009

Sea Horse Food???

Okay, so we are getting ready for lunch today and I had told Kade what his choices were: Peanut Butter Sandwich, Chili, or Tuna. His first response to me was, "ummmm, I don't know". I told him to think about it for a minute and decide.
So, Kyle comes in and asks him what he wants for lunch and he replies, " sea horse food". We weren't quite sure if we were hearing him correctly so Kyle repeated "sea horse food" and Kade confirmed with a "yep". I just politely told him that we didn't have any sea horse food and asked him to pick peanut butter sandwich, chili, or tuna....and I added leftover lasagna to the mix this time. He told me again that he wanted sea horse food. Where in the world did this kid come up with this?
He finally decided he would try tuna since we talked with him about how tuna fish were in the ocean like sea horses. Wasn't too crazy about the tuna and asked for peanut butter sandwich instead. I felt bad for not having sea horse food around for him so I made him a peanut butter sandwich. Then he decided while we were eating that he wanted an "airplane chip". We had a couple of bags of chips on the table and offered him some of each...asking with each one "is this an airplane chip?" Unfortunately it appears we don't have airplane chips at our house either. So, Kade settled for a couple of cheetos. He still wasn't too happy with his lunch but he finally ate enough that he could get down from the table. Poor guy...what are his parents thinking not keeping this place stocked with sea horse food and airplane chips!!
If Ryne turns out to be as funny as Kade we are in for quite the comedy routine around the Lewallen house!
Speaking of Ryne...He slept from 10pm to 5:15 am last night!!! Yippee!!! I'm sure hoping this is the beginning of a trend and not just a fluke. Sure was nice.
We got a CD of all of Kade's two year old are a few more for you to check out:
(still haven't turned up my picture transferring contraption....might just have to buy a new one so I can get more pictures on here)


Carozza Family said...

Love the Pictures!! I can just see Kade playing that guitar. So cute!

Lydia said...

Try using your memory card...I think it's so much easier.

Carozza Family said...

I thought of Kade this morning. Carson woke up and said we wanted horn cakes??? I asked again making sure what I hear and he said "yes horn cakes". Our boy come up with the cutest things. I bet if they were together they would speak their own language.

Deby said...

I love, love these! I miss you, Kade-man!!!