Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Made it to Canada!!!

Yes, we are in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada!!! I need to get some good rest tonight so I'll be ready for some serious skiing tomorrow so I'll just let the pictures tell the story for me. Just follow the captions:
Once Ryne talked things over with his new friend Elephant and...
Fireman Kade checked to make sure that all safety codes were being met....
We loaded up and hit the road this morning.
It really was a great day of traveling.
See, even Ryne is happy!!! And this pic is after several hours in his car seat.
Why was he out of his carseat? Well, it was time for lunch and we were cruising up I-5 and I saw the exit for Bellingham and got quite excited. Why? Just look at what they have at Western Washington University in Bellingham:
That sign says "CHICK-FIL-A"!!!!
Kyle and Stephanie went in to the student union and found us a treasure!
Can't you see how excited I was to get some Chick-fil-a?
We don't have Chick-fil-a's up here. My friend Rachel from college, who also now lives in Washington, was just blogging the other day about missing Chick-fil-a and it sure was making me sad. So, Rachel, I was thinking about you today.
Now, doesn't that look like one satisfied customer?
Definitely a high-light of the trip today....a little taste of home.
Tummies full we ventured on.

Here is proof that we really left the country.

Waiting in line at the border, Kyle and I had time to pose for a quick pic. Guess Stephanie doubles as traveling nanny and traveling photographer.
The first thing we learned about Canada....they encourage bike surfing here!
We also learned that Vancouver is a very big and very busy city. This is one cool building that I snapped a picture of as we made our way through the bustling city. Can't imagine what it will be like there for winter Olympics 2010.
Kade and Ryne weren't too impressed with Vancouver...this is where they both fell asleep on the trip.
Ryne woke up telling us he needed to eat so we whipped it into this Micky D's. When we stopped Kade woke up and very quickly and excitedly made note, "We're in Canada, I need to get out!!"
So we got out.
And Kade played!

and played and played....
While Stephanie and I watched.

And Kyle and Ryne did some watching too.

I can't imagine another kid ever being any happier than this to be in Canada.
Shortly after we convinced Kade that we had to go we made it to our ski resort destination. Got all checked in and settled in, made spaghetti for dinner, did diaper changes, baths and got the boys in bed. Kyle and I took a nice little stroll to check out the village and settled in at Starbucks to enjoy some time to ourselves. Here we are having just discussed what a great day it was. Both boys were excellent. (Maybe Ryne's best day ever!) Stephanie is a huge help. AND we are going skiing tomorrow!

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