Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Went CSI

So as most of you who read my blog regularly know, I have not been able to locate my memory card contraption since March 4th to be able to post pictures from my camera....Nor could I locate the USB connector that came with my camera. Well, today it became imperative that I find one or the other of them because Kyle needed a picture from the camera to put on his Prayer Newsletter that he sends out to the prayer team for our church plant. I decided it was time to go CSI.....I got out the flashlight!!! Have you ever noticed how they always use their flashlights even in the middle of the day? I used to think that was kind of silly until I tried it myself once. I couldn't believe just how helpful it was to use a flashlight when looking for something in the daylight....especially in drawers and corners and closets. If you've never tried, I highly recommend going CSI if you're seriously looking to find something. Anyway, it worked!!! I found the USB connector in a drawer that I had already looked in several times.
So, with no further are some pics that have just been itching to make it to the blog:

So, this picture is how I know my contraption has been missing since March 4th. The boys took this pic to say Happy Birthday to our Mrs. Nancy. Hope it was a great B-Day!


Kade playing under the table with Stephanie after Bible Study last week. Kade loves Wednesday nights at our house with everyone coming over for Bible Study.

I went into the loft one morning last week and found Kade and his friends watching tv.
I thought it was so cute how he had lined them all up in front of him.

A little bath time with Ryne

And more bath time. One thing Ryne really likes is bath time.

Kade in his new sunglasses.

Ryne laughs a lot these is the cutest little laugh and we love it.

Thought you might like to see some of the folks that Kade is excited to see at our house on Wednesday nights. Here is the crew from last night.

This is Kade with Hana...she is one of Kade's favorite people. Hana comes to Bible Study on Wednesday nights and Kade can't wait for Bible study to be over so Hana can play with him.

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Granddaddy and C.G. said...

MonkMonk and I agree totally, that you have got to be the best blogger ever! I am so greatful that Kyle needed a pic from the camera so that we could see these. Just in case I haven't said so, "Thanks for sharing with us so well on this blog. We really appreciate the time that you take to keep us updated." We love and miss you all.