Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day

Today has been a great day! Mother's Day! Kyle and I are so blessed to be able to celebrate God giving us such amazing mothers. We wish we could have seen you both today for great big hugs and great big "Thank You"s for loving us and raising us well. You are both amazing women and we celebrate you!!!
My boys did an amazing job of celebrating me today. Church this morning, lunch at Ruby Tuesday, a little afternoon nap, cards, massage coupons (drawn by Kade himself), beautiful flowers for the front porch, a walk down the trail to the park, and for a grand finale....big piece of chocolate cake from one of my favorite restaurants and a decaf vanilla latte from Starbucks! (note: I haven't had dessert in almost two weeks so the cake for dinner was a special treat because I wanted to take advantage of getting to celebrate my day!)
I have such an amazing husband and two fabulous boys! I am incredibly blessed. I praise God for giving me the privilege of being a wife and mother. What an honor!
Thanks to all of you other Mothers in my life.

Mrs. Nancy, since 2nd grade you have been such a huge part of my life. Thank you for showing me Jesus like no one else ever had. I am forever grateful that God put you in my life!!

Mrs. Martha Ann, thanks for letting me be like another one of your children while I was in high school. I really miss you guys.

Mrs. Donna, thanks for taking me in to live with you and for getting me my first teaching job. I will forever feel like a part of the Carozza family.

Frances, Mom #2, what can I say? I can't imagine not being a part of your family. You helped make Northwest Arkansas home for me. Thanks for loving me like one of your own.

Mrs. Chris, thank you for raising such a fine young man for me to marry. I am blessed to be a Lewallen....thanks for loving me!

Granny Gayle, thanks for being that fill in Mom and Grandmother that Kyle and I needed in West Memphis. We really miss having that in our new world. (we think you guys should move here!)

And MOM, I am so glad that God let me be your daughter! You have taught me so much about how to love people and give to people selflessly. I hope that one day I can be even half as loving and generous as you. I hope that I can love my children as good as you loved me and my Kid Sister. You are phenomenal! I love you!!

Happy Mother's Day, everybody!!

Here are some pictures from my fabulous Mother's Day:


Amber said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Ter- I LOVE YOU, TOO!!! You are a wonderful Momma and wife and you have taken lessons well. We are glad that you had a good day. And what are you doing to that Ryne? It is incredible how he has grown!! My Kutie Patutie is looking more and more like a young man. Love to all, Mom aka CG and Granddaddy