Friday, May 15, 2009

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right

Today I more than Survived...I Succeeded!
In What?
A trip to the Grocery Store with my two boys!
Only two boys you say? What's the big deal?
Well, here is the big deal.
The four month old can't sit up alone yet and must stay in his carrier (what I call his bucket). The two year old isn't keen on just walking beside a buggy, or shopping cart as you sophisticated folks would call it, and staying with Mommy while she shops. So, he has to ride in the buggy for my sanity's sake. The four month old's bucket isn't one that will ride on the front like some do and only fits down in the basket. Therefore, you have said bucket in the basket, two year old in the "front seat" and of course the necessary diaper bag squeezed in the basket with the bucket. So, it's totally do-able right? Well, yes, they can both be put in the buggy but did you forget that we are at the grocery store not just for joy-riding in the buggy, we are there to buy groceries!!! Where in the world do you put groceries? Okay, so a few things can actually fit underneath but my list is much longer than the few items that can be stowed away under the buggy. What is a girl to do?
There's only one choice.
It takes two of these guys:

One for the babies and one for the groceries!
Push one ahead of ya, pull one behind ya!
I was pretty good at maneuvering these two buggies through the store by the time we were done...wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. Pretty sure my right arm muscle is going to be sore tomorrow from trying to turn one handed the front buggy full of boys.

Well, so, I had somewhere to put the groceries....however, as you moms well know, that is not all it takes to make a successful trip to the grocery store. That front buggy full of boys must also be cooperating in order to achieve success. Today, cooperation! Kade was excellent as he snacked on his popcorn chicken that we picked up from the deli for lunch on our way into the store. Ryne slept for the first half of the shopping adventure and woke up happy to be seeing some new surroundings.

We checked out and got both buggies to the car just in time to change Kade's slightly leaky diaper and Ryne's stinky diaper and get home with the groceries before Ryne decided it was time for him to eat! Woo Hoo!!! Success!

The groceries didn't get put up until after Kade got down for a nap and Ryne got to eat, but oh well, we will work on adding that to the success story next time.

It's been a good week here in DuPont.
Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

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Kristen said...

Hi Terry! Holy cow...I saw your beautiful pictures of your flowers, but didn't read this post until today. Wow. I applaud you, seriously. Right now I just put Blake in his "bucket" and only buy what we need for a couple of days...I'm not brave enough to do my full-blown shopping with him yet! =)