Saturday, September 5, 2009

Granna and Paw Came to Visit

A couple of weeks ago Kyle's parents got to come visit with us. This made our summer complete. With their visit, it meant that all of our family had been able to make a trip to Washington this summer. What a blessing!
We had lots of fun.
Just check out all the fun we had:

Started our adventures with a trip to Mount St. Helens.

Our first stop, where we got to see a look at some of the lava flow areas.

Ryne was happy!

And so was Kade!

When we got to the mountain the boys got all loaded up in their backpacks and ready to go. Aren't they cute?

And there it is....hadn't changed much since our trip there earlier in the summer with Monk.
Still amazing!

Paw is taking in a lecture and Ryne seems to be taking in the people.

Kade's thoughts about the volcano!

And Ryne's thoughts about the volcano? Or maybe he was thinking about something else.

We had a great time visiting Mount St. Helens on Tuesday.

Wednesday we took it easy around the house so that we could be prepared for Bible Study Wednesday night.

We did make a trip to one of our favorite places "Happy Teriyaki". Kade likes it because he gets to feed the fish when he goes. Here he seems to be introducing Ryne and Paw to the fish.

On Thursday we had a special treat. Our cousins William, Dina, and their two boys came down from Seattle to see us.

They were so sweet and brought the boys presents.

Here is Kade testing out his new golfing set.

And Jude got to play, too!

Kyle and William were watching over matters.....hopefully making sure nobody needed to yell "fore!"

And here is Dina with precious little Levi.
We had such a fun time having them come to visit us.

Then it was time for our BIG trip.
We took the ferry to Victoria, BC!!!
We got to spend the night there on Friday and stay the day Saturday before we ferried back to the USA. We did as much as we possibly could in the short amount of time we had. The boys were troopers as we drug them all over the city.

Take a look at all we did:

Our view of Victoria as we ferry into the city.

The Empress is the most famous hotel in Victoria. It was pretty spectacular.

Granna and Kade were hanging out on a bench waiting for Kyle and Paw to return from taking our luggage to the hotel for us.

Then we made our first stop at the Wax Museum....

And got to see lots of famous people.

More famous people.

Well, you get the idea....lots of wax sculptures of famous people!
It was pretty neat.

Then as we walked along the water we saw this "white man"...

He was not a wax sculpture and Kade was amazed by him when we told him that this was a real person. So we let him do this:

He put money in his bucket and this happened:

Not only did the "white man" pick Kade up for a big hug, he also talked to him which was a REALLY BIG deal cause this guy might have moved for a tip but he DIDN'T make habit of talking for a tip. It was pretty cool and Kade kept wanting to go back to see him the whole trip.

Then we strolled to a castle to take a tour. Ryne fell asleep in the stroller on the way and since there weren't any ramps or elevators in the castle then I decided I would skip the tour and let Ryne sleep.

He didn't stay asleep.

Ryne and I got a great look at the outside of this place and the rest of the crew said that it was incredibly amazing on the inside.

After the castle we took the bus back downtown.

Ryne on his first bus ride.

And Kade LOVED riding the bus. In fact when I asked him what is favorite part of the day was that day he said, "riding the bus".

After dinner we stopped for some yummy Marble Slab Ice Cream...that might have been my favorite part of the day, ha ha!

It was getting cool so the boys were all hooded up and I thought they were just cute enough that I couldn't pass up a picture.

On Saturday morning we went to the Royal British Columbia Museum. It was really neat.
As soon as we walked into the first exhibit Kade said with much expression, "This is aaaaamaaaaazing, Momma!" I had to agree with him.
We couldn't take pictures in the first exhibit because of preservation reasons and such but it was full of items from ancient civilizations all around the globe. Definitely the kinds of things I never imagined I would see in real life.
Didn't fascinate Kade for very long and he was ready to move to the animal exhibit.
So we did...

Ryne was trying hard to get to the "hands on" part of the animal exhibit.

The big hit in the animal exhibit was this Woolly Mammoth.

The big hit might have been this live tidal pool that Kade got to check out up close and personal.

From the museum we had a good view of these parliament buildings. They were right in the middle of town and really stood out from the rest of the buildings. It was obvious that they were something important.

When we left the museum we headed here:

This place was amazing!!!! Just take a look:

Not sure if Ryne was amazed or sleepy???

They both got out of the stroller to ride the carousel horse.

And Ryne thought he needed more down time.

Kade posed with the Monkey puzzle tree for me. I have seen these trees around in a few places and they always catch my attention. Pretty neat looking tree.

And then there wer rose gardens:

And this garden indoors:

And before we knew it, it was time for us to leave the gardens so that we could catch our bus back to town and make sure to meet our ferry.

Kade drew us some pictures while we waited for Kyle to meet us with our luggage.

Then he spotted this guy across the street. He had seen it the day before and kept wanting to "look at that man". It was actually an add for the Royal BC Museum and we saw "that man" live and in person. Only, he wasn't really big. He was the bishop in an ancient chess set that was discovered. Apparently Kade wasn't the first person to be captivated by "the bishop". We were going to get him a small bishop figurine in the gift shop but they were sold out. The sales lady there told us that they sold out of them rather quickly. So, we settle for a picture with the big "bishop".

And Ryne got just a bit more down time before we got on the ferry to head home.

And here we are on our way home. Kade was being silly with his new hat that Granna got for him in Victoria. What a cute end to a very fun trip, huh?

Got home late Saturday night and then did church Sunday morning.
Our Sunday afternoon activities consisted of blackberries and birthdays.

We took a walk down the trail.

In search of blackberries.

And we found them!

There were lots and they were yummy!
Made for a really good blackberry cobbler.

Kade decided the berries weren't as much fun as the dirt. Imagine that!

We decided to have Birthday dinner for Kyle on Sunday night. His birthday wasn't until Monday but we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss out on celebrating so why not start early, right?

We took our table outside for dinner....and we had some delicious steaks that Kyle grilled. YUMMY!!

Then of course, we had to have Birthday Cake.

We are singing "Happy Birthday" here and just look at Kade's face. He was really into singing to his Daddy. It was precious.

And then it was gift time. Money for a bicycle, money for a new Yankees hat, money for a helmet, coffee shop gift card, more money! I think he had a very Happy Birthday.

And before the party could be complete, we had to blow the party horns!

Monday was Granna and Paw's last day with us and we made the trip to Seattle.
Because Granna and Paw had never been here:

The Space Needle. I stayed down in the car with Ryne because he had his first cold and we wanted to keep him out of the chilly wind. We did get out for a trip into the gift shop but we don't have many pictures from the event. But rest assured, Granna and Paw have now been to Kade's favorite place.

Then we did more Birthday celebrating....since it was Kyle actual birthday!

Red Robin!!! Free Birthday burger!!!

Ryne wanted his Daddy to share with him!

Happy Birthday, Kyle!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

On the way out of Red Robin Kade spotted this giant penguin and needed to meet him.
So he did.

We went home after that and grilled some fresh salmon that our nice neighbor Joe (remember he let Kyle drive his new Corvette) had given us.
And we had fresh blackberry cobbler that was delicious.

It was Granna and Paw's last night with us and it seems that maybe this guy was aware of it.

While Kyle and his Dad were outside grilling the salmon this little bird flew in to tell Paw goodbye. It flew right into his face and Paw had to kind of swat it away. Then for some reason it just decided to stick around and it actually crawled from our bird feeder onto Kyle's hand. Little bird stayed on his hand a really long time and eventually Kyle had to work him off onto the ground so that he could finish the salmon.

Granna and Paw flew back to Oklahoma on Tuesday morning.
We had a GREAT time having them here with us. Thanks for coming you guys!

Now as soon as I get a bit more free time, I'll post about our adventures since Granna and Paw left.



Rachel said...

i LOVE your pictures!!! we have got to go to victoria! so fun! i know y'all had a blast with family! did the kiddos have to have passports to get into canada? have a great weekend...

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Thanks for the update. Looks like everyone had a great time. I think that my favorite one is the pic of Kade hugging the "white man" so freely. But, I actually love anything that has our beautiful grandbabies in them!! Love and hugs to all, CG & Granddaddy

Carozza Family said...

Oh Terry! Great pictures! Put the garden on the list of places to visit when we come. I promise we are coming. Happy Birthday Kyle! Miss you all so much!

patti said... guys stay moving...I'm impressed. Gives me hope. I love the white man precious. Kade just melts my heart. and Ryne , he is just growing so fast. hugs and happy birthday to kyle!