Friday, September 11, 2009

The Time Has Arrived!!!!!

We are super excited because this weekend marks a really BIG milestone for us.

And I am NOT talking about the city-wide garage sale that our fine city of DuPont is having tomorrow. Yes, we will be hitting the garage sale in search of a few trailer to attach to Daddy's new bike, desk for our friend Jacob, small table and chairs for little kiddos, bicycle for Mommy to ride.....but enough about that. Our excitement about the garage sale is nothing compared to our BIG milestone.

So what is this BIG milestone????
We are having a first public worship gathering for Life Church on Sunday evening!!!!

It is really cool what all God has done to get us to this point. It would take me a couple of days to write about it all and even then I am sure that I would forget something.

The condensed version:
Last weekend was the one year anniversary of Kyle and Derek's trip to Washington in which God confirmed in their hearts that He wanted them to start a new church in DuPont. In October of last year we moved across the country not knowing much more than DuPont was to be our new home and we were willing to do whatever God asked us to do. In January we started having small group Bible study in our home and shortly after that started a ladies Bible study at a local coffee shop. And now it is time for the next step and we are so excited. Nervous and a bit scared but mostly excited. We have been able to send an invite card to every home in DuPont. We aren't sure whether lots of people will be there or whether it will just be us and our 15 person launch team. Either way, we know that the God of the Universe will be there and that is all that really matters!! We pray that lots of people who don't know Him will be there so we can introduce them to HIM. This is why we came!!!

So....If you have a few extra minutes sometime today, tomorrow, or Sunday please pray for us. Pray for Kyle as he will be preaching the Word! Pray for our Launch Team as they work to make this thing happen! Pray for God to bless Marc, the owner of Forza coffee, who has been so gracious to allow us to meet at this place of business rent free! Ultimately please pray that Jesus Christ will be lifted up and that Life Church will bring Him glory and honor. BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT!!

I look forward to updating you on our Sunday night experience. I am believing that I will have great things to share!


The Berry's! said...

So pumped about Sunday night! Got it written on the white board on the fridge so we will remember to pray for you guys when we walk through the kitchen or go to the refrigerator (so you can expect many prayers sent up from the Berry's!... just saying!) Love you guys! You're on our hearts BIG time! Psalm 19:14

Kristen and David said...

Wow! This is so exciting. Can't wait to hear how it goes! I'll say a prayer for you right now...Ok, it's going to be wonderful, I'm sure.

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Prayers continuing!! We are so very excited for the people of DuPont to have the opportunity to hear Kyle share the message of Christ with them. Excited to know that when the doors open to Forza's on Sunday evening that God will send the masses so that you all can show them the GLORY OF HIS FACE through each and every one of you who have so diligently worked for this day. We are sure that the Lord will give Kyle the exact words to share with them all. We are sure that hearts will be opened and souls will be saved. We are sure!! Wish so much to be able to be there but know that we are there in spirit and prayer. Love, prayer, hugs, and kisses, Mom & Dad aka CG and Granddaddy

Carozza Family said...

I know your hearts and no doubt He will be there. Kyle, we miss being under your teaching. You can bring the word like no other. God has given you an amazing gift and I am so excited for the people of DuPont! We are praying for you & the people in your city. Can't wait to hear all about it. Miss and love you guys!

Amber said...

So...I'm reading this after your big day has already happened.

I'm trusting God blessed you amazingly, and that His Name was honored today.

Let us know how it went!!