Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Problem Is.....

Yes, I do have a problem. Well, I probably have more than just "a" problem but for now I'm only focusing on one of them and just going to pretend that it's really the only problem I have. So what is said problem? I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START!!!! This summer was so crazy busy with all of our staycationing as our friends and family came to visit and all of our prepping for Life Church launching that I got WAY behind on blogging. I just looked through pictures and realized that there is so much that I want to share from the past few weeks but I just don't know where to start. I'm overwhelmed. And then my boys just keep doing stuff everyday that I think is "blog worthy" and that seems to just put me farther behind. Do you think it's okay for me to request that they be boring and dull for the next two weeks so that I can catch up on my blog? Probably not! I don't think they could do it even if they understood what I meant by boring and dull.
Ryne will probably be walking in the next few weeks and then we will have even more adventures. Kade says something every day that makes me laugh so hard I can barely stand it.
So since I don't think I can make myself stay up and blog all night long.....EVEN THOUGH RYNE NOW SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!.....I have a plan to take baby steps everyday until I feel like I have caught up.
For this blog I am going to make it plain why I feel like my boys never give me a chance to catch up. Because everyday I get things like this:

A little boy who thinks his rain boots are every day attire...especially when it's not raining. Seriously, we never go to the mailbox without wearing our rain boots!

Music lover #2. He is just like his big brother when it comes to music. He plays all of the guitars. Likes to bang on the drums. Dances with the best of 'em. And just wait until I post the video of him playing the keyboard.

More on our raccoon issue later!


What ever makes them do the things they do?

Guess I'm just glad it wasn't full of sweet tea!

Daddy's new bike.

There's a reason why the cardboard box has been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame.

See? There's a reason.

How bout this hairdo?
Still trying to figure out how to work with the big cowlick in the front.

Yummy, a new snack. Yep, looks like Ryne likes snacks just as much as Kade.

Music lover #1 getting some guitar time with Jess after Life Church was over.

Hey big brother, mind if I sit in your lap and drink your milk?
Kade was so into "super why" that I don't think he even noticed that Ryne was in his lap or that he had his Spider Man cup of milk.

A new bike trailer for the boys! We love family bike rides.

Mr. Cool!

Mr. Silly!

I can't keep him on the grass these days...he wants to chase Kade all down the sidewalks and into the playground that is covered in mulch and then he wants to eat the mulch.

Never have seen a kid so excited to be riding in a fake car with a fake Elmo!

Ryne has daily visitation time with Squirt...they are really becoming big buds.

And now just look at these clowns of mine....don't they look like the type to keep a Momma busy? Well, they are very good at that and they keep me laughing and crying and wondering and praying, too. So, now you know why I just didn't know where to start....because all of these pictures don't really have much of a story to got with them they just portray life...which is what we stay busy doing.
Still to come:
A camping trip with the Harrisons
Kade dances at the Farmer's Market
The Raccoon Family Issue
Special Delivery from the Swan's Man
Ryne's Keyboard debut
Farewell to our friend Hana
The Flowers of Evans Court
Future OBU Tigers
And of course whatever else happens along the way as I try to get these posts done.
Thanks for being patient with me Family and Friends! Love you all!


Amber said...

Y'all are some busy folks.

The pictures are precious!!! Your boys couldn't be any cuter.

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

A coon family,now? Girl your life is out of control!!! I love the post today, it makes me laugh and cry ( at how much they are growing, and I am missing), and makes me happy to see such happy babies. Thank you for continuing this blogging adventure because whenever you have the time to get it done we just LOVE IT!!!!! Love and miss you all bunches. Will see you all soon, very soon!!!!!!!!!! CG and Granddaddy

Kristen said...

How precious!!!! =) Sounds like you guys are having LOTS of fun. And SQUIRT!!! Is that the same little guy you had back in Farmington?!? he's, what, about 8 years old now? I'm impressed!!