Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay, I have to confess something to all of you just waiting to see some pictures from our adventures the past few weeks.
So here goes the confession:
I had a little bit of time on my hands this morning to do some blogging so with good intentions I signed in to our blog. The problem with signing in to our blog is that it takes me to a page that shows the posts of other blogs that I follow. I realized that I had missed out on a couple of weeks of my "blog friends" lives. I couldn't resist checking in on them to make sure that I hadn't missed anything super important. And of course, I had missed some good stuff. So.....I'm glad that I was able to catch up on some blog reading BUT now I have to apologize to you all because I've got to move on without catching you up on our lives.
To make up for it, here are some pictures of some of the most fun boys I know:


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Okay, because of the super sweet pics, you are forgiven. Love and miss you all bunches and bunches. CG & Granddaddy

Amber said...

Totally forgiven...because you were over at my place!!! *wink*

Cutie pie boys.

Kristen and David said...

Oh my! They could not be cuter! Can I come play with you guys??