Monday, August 31, 2009

Better Late Than Never, Right????

Okay, so I just looked to see what the last thing was that I blogged and realized that the date said August 15th. And I do believe that today was August 31st. YIKES! I can't believe that it has really been that long since I've had time to sit down and update on Life with the Lewallens.
Well, undoubtedly life is BUSY.

Since the post about Ryne's first tooth, he has gotten another one....started pulling up on the furniture and our legs.....started cruising along the furniture.....started climbing the stairs (hello baby gate at the bottom now).....and has gotten his first cold.
Ryne is the only one who has been busy though.

No way I can upload pictures and catch you guys up on the past 16 days tonight but I will give you a preview of what's to come. And let me tell is good stuff.

Granna and Paw came to visit. We had a blast going to Mount St. Helens, Victoria B.C., and Seattle. We celebrated Kyle's Birthday. We had our cousins come down from Seattle. We picked blackberries. We had FUN!

Then I started back to school. FYI for those who might not know, I teach online high school science classes from home. Found out that doing my school work while both boys are awake is virtually impossible because they need to be watched constantly. Kade wants to wrestle with Ryne and Ryne wants to eat Kade's food and go all the places that he shouldn't. It wasn't so hard in May to do my schoolwork while they were awake. Wow how three months really changes things!

Had a fabulous break from tyring to figure out a "schoolwork routine" and went camping at Mt. Rainier. Got to meet up with some great college friends who live up here in Washington. We took the boys and they took their little girl and we just had a ball.

I will have pictures and more details about our adventures for you soon.
Keep checking...I'm finally back to the wonderful land of blog!!!

And just because I feel like my posts are not complete without a picture...

Here are my babies! Had these pics taken in June but just got the cd in the mail this last week. I'll share more soon.


patti said...

it's always better late than never...i still have something from january i need to post.

i love that picture of the sweet. You have been busy...can't wait to read more!

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Thanks!! You know we will take it whenever we can get it! I love this pic and we didn't know about that second tooth. There is no doubt in my mind that Ryne will be walking by the time we see you all in Oct. It sure is a looooooonnngg way off! Hugs and kisses, CG & Granddaddy

Anonymous said...

I love looking at all of ya'lls pictures. They are just beautiful!! I am so happy that things are going good for ya'll.