Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Very Trusting Neighbor and a Sermon via Kade

Look at Ryne all cute in Kade's red cowboy hat!

Looks like he must have known that red was going to be the color of the day.

Our next door neighbor, Joe, brought home a BRAND NEW RED CORVETTE today!

It is beautiful and Kade is checking it out.
I kept telling Kade that we can just look at Mr. Joe's car. We shouldn't touch it.

Then Mr. Joe goes and lets Kade crawl right in and really check it out. Yikes!

And look who had to crawl in and check it out next:


Mr. Joe goes and lets Kyle take it for a spin!!!
And on top of that, he and his sweet wife Claire watched our boys so that I could ride with him.
Yes, I have replayed this in my mind several times.
It goes something like this:
Joe buys a brand spanking new red corvette and brings it home TODAY.
Then tonight he let my two year old climb in it and my husband drive it. AND instead of insisting on being my dear husband's passenger so that he could keep an eye on his beauty, Joe insisted that I go for a spin with him. Of course they did know we would come back because they had our children. But there is one of two things happening here.....either Joe really trusts us or he is just plumb crazy!!! I don't know maybe it's a little bit of both.

But, in all seriousness, we are very thankful to have great neighbors like Joe and Claire. They are great with our boys and our boys really seem to like them a lot. And now they have a beautiful car that Mr. Joe told Kade he needed to come up with a name for. This ought to be fun!

Now Part 2

A Sermon Via Kade

So we are in the grocery story yesterday and I didn't have a very long list so we were going it one buggy style. Kade sitting up front and Ryne in his carrier in the basket with the groceries piled around him. I had gotten some baby yogurt for Ryne to try and the only place I had left to put it was next to Kade in the front of the buggy. I told Kade what it was and not to mess with it. He agreed. Last stop in the store was to buy shampoo. I am busy trying to find the best shampoo deal and look up to see Kade playing with the yogurt that I had requested that he not touch. When I go to take it from him I notice that he has been squeezing it and one of the yogurts had burst open and yogurt was ALL OVER the front of Kade.

Now I'm really upset. Middle of the shampoo aisle, yogurt everywhere, diaper bag buried beneath the groceries and not a trash can in sight.... As I am wheeling around in search of a trash can I am voicing my disappointment to Kade. He isn't saying much. Finally find a trashcan, and dig out the wipes from the diaper bag and go to work cleaning the mess up. Right in the middle of my lecturing Kade again on how upset I am and how disappointed I am that he disobeyed me he interrupted with a very sweet and convincing,
"It's okay, Mom, you still love me!"
To which I respond, "Yes, Kade, I do still love you but I am very upset that you disobeyed me."
And then another, "No, Mom, everything's okay, you still love me!"
Ugh!!! He just didn't get that it wasn't really okay because he disobeyed. Just because he knew I still loved him no matter what, my two year old thought that made everything and anything okay.

So, I'm in the car and I've calmed down from our yogurt incident and I'm thinking back through the whole deal. Then I totally hear God speaking to my heart, "I completely understand how you feel. Sometimes it seems like my kids, too, just look at me after being disobedient and say 'It's okay, God, you still love me.' And while it's true, I do still love them and will no matter what, it doesn't make it okay to disobey." Right there in my car I had to thank my Heavenly Father for using my two-year-old, yet again, to help me better understand his heart as my Father.
So, that was my sermon, via Kade.
Only one yogurt was messed up in the preaching of this sermon and the rest are stowed away in the fridge just waiting to be eaten up by baby Ryne.


Kevin and Ashley said...

that totally made me cry! what a way for God to remind you (and everyone that reads this blog) of His love!!!!

Amber said...

Whoa. Drool over the corvette.

And I love how God uses our babies to speak His truth.