Saturday, August 15, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Thursday was date day!!!!
For Father's Day Kyle got tickets to go see the Yankees (his favorite team) play the Mariners. And we told him that he could take whomever he wanted to the game with him. AND HE PICKED ME! And we had a date day. Our friends Jess and Karie kept the boys for us. In fact, they were so great to us that Jess volunteered to come over early before Karie got off of work so that we could leave earlier. Now that's a really big deal for us because we don't get a whole lot of "just the two of us" time since we moved to Washington away from all of our adopted Grannies and great babysitters.
So we headed out at about 3:30 that afternoon. Kade was thrilled that Jess was there to play with him and I don't think we could leave fast enough for him. Ryne was asleep when we left and I don't think he even noticed that we were gone when he woke up. Now that is exactly the way we like it. Since we got to leave so early we had time to stop for dinner before the game.


Can everybody say YUMMY???
Here's what we had for dinner:

I had a Chinese Chicken Salad and Kyle had grilled salmon.
AND of course we had cheesecake for dessert. I think it should be illegal to go to The Cheesecake Factory and leave without having cheesecake. I had Snickers and Kyle had Chocolate Raspberry. They were so delicious and we were so excited about them that this is what they looked like before I remembered to take a picture for you:

Woops! They were completely gone when I noticed my camera sitting on the table as a gentle reminder to take a picture of our scrumptious dessert. Guess that means I'll have to go back soon so that I can get that picture, huh?

After dinner we headed here:

Home of the Seattle Mariners. But more importantly for us it was host to the New York Yankees!
Don't we look like we are having fun?

Well, we were having a lot of fun.
Just check out how nice our seats were:

We could see everything so clearly...a new major league baseball game experience for me...I didn't have to watch everything on the big screen. Very cool!

See, this picture is from my seat. Kyle has some great pictures on his camera, actually got a shot of Derek Jeter swinging to hit a home run.

Here's another picture of the game. The Yankees won 11-1 and we were super excited. And I have to say that I was actually excited about the 1 run that Seattle scored as well, because it was a new guy that they just brought up to the Major Leagues Thursday afternoon and on his major league debut he hit a home run. I was really happy for him, so yea for the Mariners 1 run but Super Yea for the Yankees 11 runs!!!!

And check this out:

We were out late. This is my watch before the game was over and we still had an hour drive to get back home. Our baby sitters were totally prepared to stay late so I wasn't even worried. Besides, it really was nice to have some extended "just the two of us" time with my sweet husband. We realized that it was the longest that we had been away from our children together since Ryne was born. GREAT BIG THANK YOUs TO JESS AND KARIE!!!
Final conclusion of Thursday date day: We should totally do that more often!

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