Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen We Have a Tooth

Ryne has been chewing on things since he was about three months old. So, we've been expecting teeth any day for about four months now. Well, today was the day and it totally surprised us.
I felt all around on Ryne's gums just yesterday morning and there was nothing.
Then this morning I kept hearing Kyle telling him, "boy, put that tongue back in your mouth." Kyle finally called my attention to how he was sticking his tongue out all the way to his chin over and over again. Kind of like this:

Only he was sticking it out much further.
I just mentioned that it was like he was feeling of a tooth on the bottom of his tongue but never imagined that to be the case since there seemed to be nothing yesterday. A few minutes later he crawled over my direction and I picked him up just to investigate and there it was...A TOOTH!
He let me take a picture to show you:

If you look real close and use your imagination you can totally see it just to the right of middle. Take my word for it, it's easier felt with the finger than seen with the eyes. But I promise, it's there! So, Congratulations Ryne, on tooth number 1!


Kristen said...

Yeah!!! Congrats, Ryne!! =) We are definitely in the same boat...Blake has been chewing on stuff for months. We're hoping something shows up soon!

Amber said...

Those pictures are great! I love baby drool!!!

Congrats, Big Guy!!