Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Haircut and Harmonica

Today I convinced Kade that we should cut his hair. If you remember from a few weeks back he had decided that he didn't want to have his hair cut because he was afraid he would lose his power like Samson did in the Bible. We've read a few more stories about guys who had power without having long hair and I think we have gotten through to Kade that not everyone has to have long hair to have power from God.
So here are the pictures:



He looks a lot different, doesn't he?

How about Ryne?

Well, no haircut for this guy yet...hopefully we can make it to the one year mark like we did with Kade.
Ryne spent his afternoon being entertained by Kade and his harmonica. He is actually pretty good with this instrument of his. So, I thought I should share some entertainment with you. Kade was happy to be recorded because he knew he would be able to watch himself.
There are a few videos because I couldn't pick just one to show you because they all made me laugh.
The first one is especially funny because Kade has obviously never heard the phrase "hit it"!
Then if you listen to him in the last two you will hear him talk about being on the blog....isn't that funny that my two-year old knows what I do with all the pictures and video I take?
I hope you enjoy:

Hit it Kade!

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Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Yea, finally got to see Sweet Patutie crawling!! And Kade??? What else can you say but, "Hit it". Granddaddy and I had a great laugh over these videos. I think Kutie Patutie has been taking lessons behind our backs. Love and miss you all.