Friday, July 31, 2009

Seven Months Already!

"Do what??? You're kidding me, I'm seven months old already? How did that happen?"

Well, it's true. Ryne turned seven months old yesterday.
So he had some banana to celebrate:

He thinks he like bananas in his little mesh feeder. I think they are too messy. But, hey, it was a celebration, right?

We tried to take some pictures in front of the flowers but he was too distracted by them. This one is still pretty cute, I thought.

Then as always, he did LOTS of crawling. It is getting hard to keep up with this guy! You might notice in the above picture that his poor little knees are all red from all of his crawling adventures.

And then, my favorite picture from Ryne's seven month birthday:

Seven months of life can really tire a little guy out! He fell asleep eating his carrots at lunch. This was the first time he's ever fallen asleep in his high chair. It was too cute.
Happy Seven Months, Ryne!!!
I love you, my little sweet tater!

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