Monday, July 13, 2009

The Stewarts came to Washington

I left off my last post with the Stewarts having just arrived in DuPont, WA to spend the week with us. For those of you who might not be familiar with our family this is Kyle's sister, Kimberly; brother-in-law, Brian; and our sweet nephew Brandon (4 years old) and precious little niece Taylor (10 months old).

We had big plans for the week so I think I will just break this post down by the day and show you some pictures of what all we did.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. Came home for some lunch and then got everyone down for a big nap. Brandon had really been wanting to go to the park that he had seen pictures of so we planned a picnic at the park for supper.

Here we are enjoying the sunshine at the park at about 7:00 Sunday night.

Yes it does look nice and sun-shiny....but it was a bit chilly and the wind was blowing. These folks came straight from the Oklahoma heat and they thought they were going to freeze to death.

Kade had to show Brandon how he likes to roll down the hill.

Taylor showed us her toe-touches!

Brandon enjoyed getting to play with Ryne on the blanket.

Then on our way home we took them to see the sound access that we have just a few miles from our house. It was just at sunset time so it was really pretty.

I think Brian was missing his jacket :)

Brandon was really telling his Daddy something here. Well, he might have been asking a question....he's pretty good at those.

Monday was Seattle Day!

We hit the Market first.....

We always see this big piggy bank at the market but we've never taken a picture with it. So we got one this time. Notice the started out nice and cool in Seattle.

A little family picture at the end of the market in front of the totem pole looking out over the sound.

Kade found what he wanted at the market! His C.G. introduced him to these Peanut Butter M&M cookies last time we were at the market and he thought it was time for another one.

So, his Daddy let him order one. Just one, not three, C.G.!

We did lunch at Red Robin....didn't get any pictures there, sorry.
Then it was naptime. What do you do when it is naptime and you aren't near the kiddos' beds????
DRIVE AROUND until they fall asleep and then drive some more so they get a good nap in.

So, we did the driving tour of Seattle while the kids napped.

Kyle, Brian, and Kim taking in the view of Seattle from Alki beach.

Ryne woke up from his nap in time to get out and enjoy the view with me at Alki.

Check out this house we saw on our driving tour. It is covered in flowers. And NO, it is not a flower shop, and the flowers weren't for sale. It is someone's home and the lady was actually outside watering her plants....must be a full time job! We thought it wa pretty cool.

With naps complete it was time to go to Kade's favorite....the SPACE NEEDLE!

Our double stroller came in handy multiple times last week and this was one of those times.

The ride up the elevator. I guess I must have been holding Kade because I just realized I didn't get him in this picture.

Checking out the view of the city from the top.

Kade always has to look through the telescope thingy. Looks like I must have interrupted his viewing and he wasn't too happy about it.

Ryne enjoyed his trip to the space needle. He has now been at least six or seven times in his six months of life....he might grow up thinking that going to the space needle is just what everybody does at least once a month??!!

Brandon seemed to think it was pretty neat.

And here Kade and Ryne were having a conversation about something. They do that often and they are so cute when they do "talk" to each other. I think they really understand each other and I'm jealous because when they converse I don't have a clue what they are talking about. All I know is that they better not just be making fun of their Momma!

We left the Needle and had yummy seafood at Ivars....sorry no pictures again. I think meal time pictures are hard to get these days because I'm usually having to shovel food into Ryne's little mouth because he thinks if everyone else is eating then he should be too!


Mount Rainier Day

Started with a picnic just after we entered the park. Had trouble getting Kade to eat because he spotted these big rocks:

And just had to climb on them. Brandon seemed to think they were pretty fun, too.

We hiked down to check out this waterfall. Isn't it pretty?

Ryne was a trooper hanging out in the front pack with me for our hikes.

Then we hiked down to see this waterfall.

Taylor was a trooper, too, hanging out in her front pack with her Daddy.

Then we went for this hike:

From our stop at Paradise we decided to go up the trail a bit and see if maybe one of the glaciers would be visible. We didn't realize when we set out just how snowy it would still be.

Brandon was getting a little help from his Mom.

Taylor didn't need any help...she was OUT like a light!

Check out the cool flower that was starting to bloom.

So here is Kyle and Kade at the peak of our hike. The clouds had set in so we couldn't see the glacier but it was still an incredible view from up so high. Notice Kade's backpack! He really liked it and we are sooooo glad (otherwise that little hike would have been impossible.)

Brandon was excited about what he was seeing. Notice Kade laying on the snow behind him...silly boy.

The Stewarts hiked up Mt. Rainier!!!
(notice Kade still belly down in the snow)

Ryne and I made it up too!

Kade eating some snow.

See this hill....we hiked up it...but it was so steep that we had to slide down it on our bottoms....BRRRRRR!

Back down at the bottom! Poor little Bradon's feet were soaking wet and freezing so Kyle ended up carrying him down quite a way. Good thing you've been working out Uncle Kyle!

We got out of the park just in time to stop at this little restaurant for dinner. No pictures, yet again, but I have to tell you about it because it was soooo yummy! They made all of their own bread and that even meant the hamburger buns! I think it might have been the best burger I've ever had....of course I was pretty famished after that hike up the mountain in the snow. And I have to give the waitress there two thumbs up because Kade kept asking for a Hippopotamus on a stick for supper and she said she would get him one and that their hippos on sticks looked like corndogs. He was happy! Everyone raved about their food that night and we've already decided that we will be stopping in there again!
Got home Tuesday night, exhuasted but it was a great day!


Wednesday morning we took it easy for a bit while Kyle got prepared for Bible study. Then we went to Olympia for the afternoon.

Now you are not going to believe this but the only pictures I took on Wednesday were at the restaurant!!! We ate at the Oyster House on the sound and it was very yummy.

Here are my pictures from the Oyster House:

Taylor had a big time playing with her doll.

Ryne sat in a big boy high chair for the very first time!!! He loved it, can you tell?
Kyle and I are very excited about this because it means we will have a much easier time at restaurants now. So, this was a big event for us.
Kade missed it though...look why:

He slept through the whole thing. Kyle got him out of the vehicle asleep and they let us lay him on a bench beside us at the restaurant. He never woke up! We stopped and got him some chicken nuggets to eat later.

Loaded up the babies and the boys and did some more driving.
Did the driving tour of Olympia and then headed back to DuPont to get ready for Bible Study at our house. It was a great night!


This was Fort Lewis and Cabela's Day

Brian's grandfather was stationed at Ft. Lewis during WWII. So this was pretty neat for him to get to see. Took some pictures and got some souvenirs to take back to his grandfather.

Daddies and Babies ready to head into the museum.

Kade trying to pose as a soldier at the museum.

Kade and Brandon sitting on a tank outside the museum.

I didn't get any pictures at Cabela's but we did go and it was fun.
Went home and did some grilling out on Thursday night.


Pacific Ocean Day

It was supposed to be a beautiful day on Friday so we planned to go to the beach and let everyone get to see the Pacific Ocean. We packed our picnic lunch and headed out to Ocean Shores, WA. It is only a couple of hours away and it was a gorgeous day...until we go to the beach. Fog had rolled in and you could hardly see a thing plus the wind was crazy! A man at one of the stores there told us that when it is a pretty day inland then that's when the fog comes rolling on off the ocean. Guess that was definitely true for Friday. But we made the most of it anyway.

The boys played in the sand.

Kade was just buying his time until he could talk somebody into taking him to the water.

He even was patient enough to watch Kyle do a little kite flying.

And then it was water time!

Kyle and the boys standing in the Pacific. Yes, they are wearing coats. And Yes, Kade went swimming in his coat. He was SOAKING wet by the time he got through playing in the ocean. I know a couple of time I looked up to see him laying on his belly in the water. They loved getting to play in the water and we had to eventually make them come in and dry off.

Ryne and I made it out for a quick picture. Notice the tear rolling down his face. That was from the wind blowing so hard, he didn't cry at all.

And here is the rest of the crew heading in from the water. You can tell how foggy it was.
Once we got everyone dried off and loaded back up, we grabbed some hot drinks and went for a drive along the beach. As we drove, Kimberly and I had to discuss just how much we really like those beautiful white sandy sun-shiney beaches on the gulf in Florida. Yep, I will miss my trip to Florida this summer. Guess I better learn to like a different kind of beach life.

Had some fresh seafood to finish off the day and headed back to DuPont.
That was the end of the adventure. Saturday morning the Stewarts headed back to Oklahoma. We miss them.


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Love the picture show!! Looks like B made his plane trip and survived amazingly well. Looks like everyone was having a good time even in the cool weather.

There is NOTHING wrong with 3 peanut butter M&M cookies!!

And, I bought some mini hippopotomus not on sticks today from the Schwann's man.

Thanks for sharing with us. Love and miss you all bunches and bunches, CG & Granddaddy

Carozza Family said...

Ok, I am really starting to get jealous. You have visitors all the time and I wish it was us. No, I get excited every time someone shows up at the door. Maybe one day it will be the Carozza's.
I know about right now all that snow look wonderful to us. It has been so hot here!!!