Thursday, July 2, 2009

More From Kade

We are sitting at the table finishing up lunch today and the conversation went something like this:
Me: "Kade, you want to get a haircut today?"

Kade: "No."

(not sure what to think of this response because he almost always says "yes" or "sure")
Me: "You don't?"

Kade: "Nope."

Me: (still puzzled) "Why not?"

Kade: "I don't want to lose my power!"

Gee, what was I thinking?

So, guess who now thinks he's just like Sampson? Kyle has been telling Kade Bible stories every night at bedtime and he soaks them all up. Upon hearing the story of David and Goliath, Kyle reminded him that David asked God for power, to which Kade responded, "Like this Dad, 'Hey God, I need some power.'" On Tuesday night Kyle told him about the first man and woman. Then Wednesday we met some friends for lunch and one of them was named Adam. When I told Kade we were meeting Adam for lunch, he looked at me all confused and said, "But, Momma, he's not in the Bible." So I can only imagine what is going on in his little mind. I asked God for power, and I have hair just like Sampson did, so God must have given me my power in my hair and now my crazy Mom wants to cut it off????!!!! On top of that she tried to pass off her friend as the oldest man in the world and he didn't look very old to me and his wife's name didn't even rhyme with Eve! Maybe I should get Daddy to start telling Momma Bible stories, too. She doesn't seem to know very much.

So, besides being a Bible scholar, what else has Kade been up to?

Going to the library:

He like to build towers...

play with puzzles....

and do puppet shows....

Guess who enjoys the puppet shows?

On Sunday night he had some friends over. Well, we had "food, fun, and future" night with our small group and all the kiddos got to play upstairs.
Just look at how much fun they had:

Nothing was broken but I'm still not sure where all this stuff came from!

Then Brooke and Raelyn spent the night with us.

Thought they were too cute all in their night-nights climbing the stairs to bed.

And they played really hard. Here they are just taking a coloring break...this was easy play. By the way, I've learned that diaper boxes make great coloring tables!

Kade's also been into making up his own games. I walked into his room the other day to find him hanging all of his extra hangers on the knobs of his dresser. Looked like he was having a great time.

We've been spending lots of time at the parks:

Kade loves a good picnic and just so happens that Kyle and I like them, too! I haven't quite figured out if Kade really likes the picnicking part or the fact that after the picnic there is a playground waiting for him. Either's lots of fun. And I don't want to boast too much here because I know that many of you who read this blog are enduring triple digit temperatures, but Washington summers are incredible!

Got a few busy days ahead. Life Church is putting up a booth at the July 4th celebration here in DuPont and we will be getting prepped for that. Pray that we get to meet lots of people. Bible study on Wednesday nights has been super. 26 here last night! Yeah God!!! Looking forward to seeing what all he has in store for the future. It's exciting! Pray for us!

Oh, and Brian, Kimberly, Brandon and Taylor will be coming our way on Saturday. Much fun to be had next week with their visit. I will try my best to keep you updated.
For now I must get some housework done!

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Deby said...

Sometimes Moms just don't understand those Bible stories. :-) If only we ALL had Kade's faith!

Great news about the number at your last! We will be praying about your water project on the 4th.

Little Ryne is growing so quickly!

We love & miss you all!!