Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six Months!!!

Ryne William Lewallen turned six months old on Tuesday!!
I can hardly believe that it has been half a year already.

So, what is he up to these days?

- He can sit up all by himself!

- He rolls all over the place.
Not crawling just yet but if there is something that he sees and he wants it, you better believe this little guy will maneuver his way to it somehow.

- Started waving just this week.

-Loves playing in his exersaucer.

-Jabbers all the time. And yes, his first word was Da Da.
It is so cute when he wakes up in the morning and starts calling for his Daddy.

-Really likes to smile and laugh:

It is so easy to make Ryne smile and laugh. He really is a very happy baby. But I have to tell you that nobody can make him laugh as much as Kade. Ryne laughs so hard at Kade that I get all cracked up myself. It is adorable to watch them together. They really do like each other and I sure pray that it stays that way.

-Likes to chew on anything:

And if he can't find something to put in his mouth to chew on, his fingers will do just fine! He doesn't suck them, just chews on them.

-Loves to eat.
Haven't found a baby food yet that he doesn't like. He wasn't so fond of peas the first time we tried those but he has since decided they're not so bad after all.

For his six month celebration I let him have is first "food in a bag". Found this great contraption that his like a teething ring with a mesh bag attached. You put food (the kind that baby's are allowed to have) in the mesh bag and they can chew on it and chew on it and it mashes the food out through the mesh for them to eat. Sounds kind of yucky but actually was pretty cool. Ryne got to have an apple. See he likes it:

Mmmmm.....this really is yummy!

-Really enjoys being outdoors.

Here's a cute picture of him having a little picnic at the park. He was more interested in getting the grass than in eating his carrots.

-Weighs about 20 pounds. Yes, he's a big boy!

-Knows what the camera is all about.

-No teeth yet.

-Still waking up to eat at night.

-Likes to sit in our laps.
(Kade never did that so this is new for us)

-Keeps me smiling because he is so sweet!
I love my littlest man and am so proud to get to be his Mommy!

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