Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday with Susan

After Kyle dropped off our family at the airport on Saturday he came home and got me and the boys and we headed north. Our friend, Susan, is here on a mission trip with her church from Mississippi. They are doing some work north of Seattle. We couldn't let her be so close to us and not get to see her. And of course she had to meet Ryne!

I think he likes her!

Kade was happy to see Susan, too.

Originally we were going to pick her up and bring her back to DuPont to hang out with us and see where we live. However, she ended up being a couple of hours away and the time just wouldn't work out for that. So.....we found something else to do while we spent some time with Susan.
A new place to explore. We were close to Mt. Baker national forest so we thought we would drive in and see what we might find.

The drive was amazing. River, forest, mountains, flowers...all so beautiful. Then we stopped to hike at a place called Big Four. You get to hike in and see ice caves that form at the bottom of a big mountain with waterfalls all around. Yet another reminder of how awesome our Creator is! It was a beautiful day and the hike was more than we had hoped for getting to see that day.
Just check out our pictures:

The caves were still forming and weren't super big yet...but don't worry, we didn't enter them. Nor did we let Kade go exploring, he stayed safely inside the back pack.

After our spectacular hike we had to get Susan back to her mission team for the work they were doing Saturday night. It was such a fun day getting to hang out with our friend. Reminded us just how much we miss getting to spend time with our friends from the south.

Thank you Susan for taking time out for us while you were here!

Today I have caught up on my blogging and my laundry.
Kyle is gone camping getting ready to preach at a teen camp in a couple of weeks. You guys can pray for him, that God will use him in a great way to speak Truth into the lives of the teenagers who will be there.

Tomorrow.....MONK gets here!!!

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