Friday, July 31, 2009

It Was HOT Y'all!!!

See this face...
Can't you tell just how serious Ryne is when he says, "It was HOT y'all!"

Well, turns out he was right. It was 103 degrees on Wednesday here in DuPont...record breaking temps for our part of the state. Now, you have to understand that it never really gets that hot here, thus the reason that hardly any homes have air conditioning. Yes, my sweet southern friends and family, you heard correctly NO Air Conditioning! And we just so happen NOT to be one of the few homes equipped with a.c. Thankfully we had bought a VERY small window unit earlier in the summer to put in the loft just to help keep the boys rooms from being too warm for them to go to bed at night. Since they go to bed before the sun goes down in the summer it could have a tendency to still be a bit warm in their rooms at bedtime. Anyway, we had not needed to use it before this week. Kyle put it in for us before he left for camp last week and it was just in time. With the proper combination of window closing and blind closing in the morning, small ac running in the loft, extra bedroom door closed, window opening and fan running in the evening our house actually managed to stay quite comfortable.
And we found this week to be the perfect time for Kade to use his little inflatable pool.

Splash goes the dinosaur!
The first day that we put water in the pool was Tuesday and it was in the upper 90's outside. But the water was still too cold for Kyle or I to stay in it for any time.

Ryne enjoyed being outside in the sunshine investigating the grass.

Our flowers seemed to enjoy the warm sunshine, too!

Here is Ryne testing out the waters of the pool.
Side note here: I still don't have the pictures of Ryne's first swim from Kyle's camera but will try to remember to get those for you soon!

Kade didn't do a lot of sitting in the pool on day 1 with the chilly water but he still hung out in there for quite a while.

Ryne mostly hung out in Kyle's lap and watched Kade play.

Day two was a different story. This was our 103 degree day and the water was still cool but had warmed up enough that it was enjoyable to sit in and cool off. Ryne LOVED it!!
I think he would have stayed in there all day.

Kade was having fun jumping into the pool from our bench. I told him to make me the face that he was going to make when he jumped in and this is what I got. Silly boy!!

I would invite you all to come over for a swim sometime but you can see that our pool is a bit crowded with just the three of my boys. So, anytime we're gone you're more than welcome to use our pool. Ha!

Now, I must tell all of you sweet people from the south who are feeling sad for us enduring that 103 degree heat, it wasn't as bad as you think. We could breathe!!! The humidity was so low that the 103 didn't feel like some of the 83 degree days in the south with 99% humidity.
Even still, people up here are just not used to temperatures this high at all. We had a couple of people call and want to know if we were canceling Bible study Wednesday night because of the heat. They were serious!
We had Bible study and it was a great night and we managed to stay plenty cool.
We had a big power outage as soon as Bible study was over!
Our house really started heating up!!!
We had to drive the boys around in the a.c. so that they could go to sleep!
We ended up staying in our car until about 1 a.m.
It finally started cooling off enough outside that we could go in and open the windows and sleep inside.
We woke up and still didn't have power Thursday morning. It was not looking good because it was about to start getting hot again and there would be no way to get our house to cool back down.
The power came back on at 9:30 that morning. Just in time! On came the VERY small a.c. and all of the fans and our house was able to stay comfortable enough for us to live in.

This is Ryne with a flashlight that he found to play with. I took a picture in honor of our nice little power outage!

Last night it got really cool and today is not so bad at all. I think we are back to normal around here and maybe we have beat the heat!

But just in case it decides to come back, I went and got my hair chopped off:


Rachel said...

love this post...and love you hair!! too cute and will be great in this heat-we are up to 107 tomorrow..uhg! but we do have ac...thank goodness!!

ashleydiggs said...

Ok...talking about all the 103 degree days with no humidity makes me want to come visit!