Monday, July 27, 2009

Ryne Stats and an Afternoon at Camp

Went to the doctor for Ryne's well-baby check up last Wednesday.
Here are his new stats:
Length: 27 3/8 inches
Weight: 19 lbs 12 1/2 oz
His doctor said that he looked good and healthy and she'd see us again at 9 months!

The nurse came back and gave poor Ryne 3 shots!!!
The rest of that day and the two days following were not a whole lot of fun around our house because those silly shots (that I know are for his good) didn't make Ryne feel very good. We had a couple of pretty sleepless nights and I have to believe it was those shots.

We are all better now. Happy as can be and busy as ever!
Busy doing what?
Well just take a look at all my Littlest Man (that's what I like to call him although I know I won't be able to get away with that nickname for very long) has been up to.

Working on his sippy cup skills:

Just about to get the sippy cup figured out. The tipping it up part is kind of tricky.

Snacking on his toes between bites at meal times:

Pretty good flexibility, don't ya think? And I guess those little piggies of his must taste pretty good because he keeps going back to them.

Just learned to sit up from the crawling position:

This is an "in motion" shot of him going into the sit from the crawl.

And he crawls all over the place:

Found out that he really like to climb under the table. I think he likes the challenge of maneuvering around all the table and chair legs that he finds under there.


Whatever Kade is doing, Ryne wants to be right in the middle of it. And so far Kade is doing a great job of sharing with him. Here they are sharing guitars and Kade is trying to show him how to make the "rock guitar" work while he himself is playing the "country guitar".

I can't believe how quickly Ryne is growing up. It is so much fun to watch him grow and see how much he is alike and how much he is different from Kade. I love getting to watch them play together. And I really enjoy watching Ryne when he is watching Kade. He adores his big brother and it is precious.

Now part 2 of this post

Kyle left us on Saturday afternoon and headed to Sunbreak's teen camp. He has been getting to preach for them this week. They are only about an hour away so Sunday afternoon after church we drove out to camp to see Kyle and it was a great adventure.

First we had lunch with Daddy. Kade had a hard time eating because he kept spotting people that he knew and would say, "look who I found!" I guess he thought that his Daddy would be the only person there that he knew.

Ryne slept through lunch and when he woke up to see his Daddy in unfamiliar territory he wasn't quite sure what to think.

We borrowed our little friend Aaron's chair and tried to have some sweet potatoes for lunch. But much like Kade, Ryne was too distracted to eat very much. He had new things to look at!

Then it was free time and recreation time at camp. Kyle thought it would be fun to take Kade for a swim.

Kade thought that was a GREAT idea and I wasn't sure that Kyle was going to be able to catch up with him once he took off.

Ryne and I mostly just watched and laughed because Kade was so funny.

He tried playing volleyball.

But just getting to the ball was hard work.

Ryne got to hang out with one of our friends Millie. Which was great relief to my arm. And he was having fun.

Even got to wear her shades. Isn't he one cool dude?

And I took the Ryne free opportunity to chase Kade and Kyle around and get some more pictures.

Here is the slip and slide:

I have to admit, this did look like a lot of fun and I was wishing that I had planned better and brought a change of clothes for myself.

Then venturing into the "deep" part of the lake.

He is too brave for me sometimes. Not scared of a thing, I tell ya.

A brief swimming lesson with Daddy.

And he found some fun noodles to play with for a minute.

And then he found the "just his size" hippo floatie.....

And he was off to the lake again.

In he went.

And hippo floatin was good stuff!

Then I realized that I was getting lots of pictures of Kade and only had a couple of Ryne. So, here is my attempt at trying to catch up. But all Ryne was doing was showing off his sitting skills and eating grass. But he did look awfully cute doing it:

Then I lost my other boys for a minute. And this is where I found them:

A bouncy maze with a big slide at the end. I thought maybe Kade had gotten tired of the lake but I was wrong. He just wanted to take a little break and check out the bouncy maze. After going through it a couple of times he took back off to the water.

Then he was getting really brave and wanting to jump in.

And this is the very last picture that I got before my camera battery died.

But that wasn't the end of the story. We let Ryne go for his first swim before we left. Thankfully, Kyle had his camera and when he gets back home with that camera I will post pictures of Ryne's first swim for your viewing enjoyment.

Kyle finishes up teen camp tonight and we expect him home tomorrow morning. I will be very glad to have him back home with us. The boys and I have really done okay but we miss him! Having him gone has reminded me again how blessed I am to have a Daddy around who is so much help with our children. Bathtime, bedtime, naptime, mealtimes, okay...all times are much easier when he's around. Plus I really enjoy hanging out with my best friend when the boys go to bed at night. So sorry, Mr. Solitaire and Mr. Facebook and Mr. Text Twist, your time is just about up, my best friend is coming home tomorrow!


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Thanks for updating for us. Those babies are growing so fast!!! Thought that Ryne has kinda developed a look of his own and not so much like Kade now until we saw him investigating that grass. His IS so much like Kade and has a great example to lead him. Love and miss you all terribly. CG & Granddaddy

Amber said...


That one of you and Ryne is beautiful. I hope you already have it sitting pretty in a frame somewhere!!!! :)