Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby It's Still Cold Outside!

I was just telling you guys in the last post how incredibly cold it was here in DuPont, WA. Well, it is still incredibly cold. In fact I think we have set records for low temperatures every single day this week. But it is supposed to warm up a bit this weekend.
So, what do you do when it is so cold out?
Bundle up and enjoy it!
It was time to get our outside Christmas decorations put up so we just decided to brave the cold and get it done.
Kyle and I tried to get as much done as we could while the boys took their afternoon naps.
But we didn't quite get finished before they woke up. And as soon as Kade knew something was happening outside, he insisted that he get to be a part of it all.
Out came the snow suits:

Bundled up Ryne.

Bundled up Kade.

And I love this picture:

Kade and Ryne were both keeping an eye on Daddy up there on the roof. I think Kade was already thinking "how can I get up there?"

He didn't take his eyes off that roof until Kyle came down.

Ryne, however, made his way over to hang out under the carousel.

And of course I tried to get a picture of the two of them all bundled up together. But this was as good as it got:

Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

Outside lights are up, inside decorations have been complete for a while...we are ready for Christmas. At least we are ready for our neighborhood Christmas party on Saturday night. Okay...not quite ready for to go buy some food....what's a party without food right?
Waiting til Kyle and go with us on the grocery shopping adventure!
It is just so much easier with his help!

Here's to staying warm!
Be on the lookout for my next post....I have some exciting news!
(no, we are not having another baby....don't get carried away)

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