Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus....From the Lewallens in DuPont

Since we know Jesus never misses a post we wanted to take this opportunity to thank Him for letting us celebrate His birthday early here in DuPont.
We had a fabulous time this morning at our Birthday celebration for Jesus.
Here are the highlights....



All in between:

Kade's first look at the gifts under the tree.

Ryne wasn't sure what to think about it all.

Before we opened gifts Kyle read the Christmas story to us so we could be reminded that it is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ that we are celebrating.

Since it is Ryne's first Christmas we let him open the first gift.

And of course Kade got to open the second gift, to which he exclaimed, "This is just what I wanted!"

There was lots more gift opening!

Ryne got pretty good at tearing into those presents.

And Kade amazed us again when he opened these movies and said, "It's Land Before Time movies...two Land Before Time movies!" He has the original Land Before Time movie and just always calls it "Dinosaurs". We had no idea that he knew the real name and would recognize the dinosaurs on the covers of the new movies.

A new "drawing pad" to share. These boys can wear out some drawing pads!

Ryne with another gift.

Kade decked out in his "Armor of God" set that he got. It might be a little big still. I think he's probably feeling like David when the King offered him his armor to go fight Goliath with. I had to laugh a bit.

See, I told you Ryne was good at unwrapping.

And it is hard to tell but this might be Ryne's favorite present of the day...a little people barn. Of course here in a few hours we will probably think something else is his favorite. At this very time his is cleaning out a cardboard box so that he can play with it. Ha Ha!

And yes, Kyle and I got gifts, too. We just aren't so good at getting pictures of us.

Check out my new hat and scarf.

And poor Kyle just got pictures because his gifts aren't in yet. If you can't tell, that is a picture of an electric smoker. Mmmmmm. I'm looking forward to some smoked salmon very soon!

And then there were the stockings all stuffed with goodies.

Kade was amazed at the giant smarties that he found in his stocking. This kid loves some smarties and wanted to know if he could eat all of his giant smarties today. Oh, no son, not today!

Then we let Kade open his last present. We made him wait and open this last for a reason....

It's his very own real skateboard!
And we knew once he saw it there would be no getting him off of it.
We were right:

The skateboard was a hit!

We are so amazingly blessed!
We all got so many great things that put big ole smiles on our faces!
But the biggest and best gift of all is the precious gift of Jesus!
Thank you Jesus for giving yourself to us so that we could experience true Joy, true Life, and true Peace. What an amazing gift YOU are!

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