Monday, December 7, 2009

What...NO SPINACH?????!!!!!!

After last week's attitude adjustment on my part, things seemed to go pretty smoothly. Didn't really change my camera's ability to take good pictures but oh's some pictures anyway:

On Friday this guy:

And this guy:

accompanied me to Target where we did some shopping.
Got to buy some gifts for our angel tree family at Sunbreak church. We picked a little girl to buy for. Kade helped me pick out some shoes for her and of course they were both more than happy to help me pick out a toy for her as well. Picking out toys means that I put some in the buggy with them to try out. Keeps them occupied while I shop and then I know if it is a good toy or not....I mean, if my boys are entertained by a toy still in the box then that is pretty good.
We picked up a few other items on our list and only had to make three trips to the potty in the hour and a half that we were there. And not one thing fell in the toilet on any of those trips. See, it was a good day!
After our trip to Target, Kyle met me downtown and picked up the boys so that I could have lunch with this sweet lady:

That's my friend Jeannette giving me the "are you really going to take my picture" look. I don't think she really knows how into the blogging thing I am. And how much I enjoy having a new face to add to the post along with my adorable little guys who always make an appearance.
We enjoyed some iSushi!
I ate this:

(not so much sushi for me...almond chicken instead)
And Jeannette had this:

I think it was called a spicy tuna roll. I thought it looked pretty cool.
We got to hang out for a while and it was nice to have some girl time in my boy crazy world.

Then Friday night we had a little family outing to a concert in town.
There was a benefit concert at Forza for the Lakewood officers who were slain last Sunday.
If you are a news watcher, I am sure that you heard about the police officers who were shot and killed in a coffee shop in Washington state last week. Well, that happened not far from us at all. It has really affected our community. The Lakewood officers were shot in a Forza coffee shop. Kyle does most of his work and we have our Life Church gatherings at our Forza here in DuPont. The owner of "our" Forza, Mark, is a Lakewood police officer. He actually hired all four of the officers who lost their lives and has been grief stricken by this event. We have a Tacoma police officer who is a part of Life Church and he shared with us on Wednesday just how much this had been effecting him and his fellow officers.
We are just praying that God will make Himself so real in the face of this tragedy and that somehow this will be used to make people's hearts open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our hearts are broken for the families who lost husbands and a wife, fathers and a mother, and for the fellow officers who have lost the people that they worked with every day and now feel that just wearing a uniform is like putting a target on their back.

Anyway, all of that just to ask you to pray for the communities around us as they cope with this tragedy, and to introduce the next set of pictures...

Kade is enjoying his Steamer while listening to the concert with his Daddy-o.

And here he is showing off his tickets that he got at the concert. They are actually raffle tickets but Kade just called them his concert tickets. You can see a Lakewood police officer in the background. Lots of people turned out to show their support and it was a neat night.

Hey, Ryne and I even showed up for the gig!

After the concert we headed to Farrelli's, Kade's favorite pizza spot, to grab some supper.
Kade ordered his usual...Pizza with chicken, mushrooms, and spinach.
Then the sweet little waitress announced, "I'm sorry, we are out of fresh spinach."
And this was Kade's response:

Who knew a two-year old could be so distraught over a restaurant being out of fresh spinach. We consoled him and Kyle finally took him to see the fire pit and the man throwing pizza dough and he was better. We substituted artichoke hearts for the spinach and Kade ate the pizza up just like always. I think he found out that not only does he like spinach, but he also likes artichoke hearts. Our waitress came by several times to apologize for upsetting Kade.

Saturday was a stay home in our pj's and watch football kind of day.
Ryne found a new hang out spot:

We laughed at Ryne so Kade had to try and be funny too.

He tried climbing into a basket but just got it stuck around his waist.
Then he must have thought Ryne was having the most fun and decided to join him.

Yep, they both fit!
I did have that little cubby decorated but I guess I can forget about that decor staying in place from now on.

Sunday morning we got dressed for church at Sunbreak and I couldn't help but get the boys all Christmassy in their matching reindeer sweaters.
Tried to take some pictures with the Christmas decorations but this was the best I could get of the wild ones! Kade was all ready to cheese but Ryne just wanted to "get" that tree!

I think Kade was trying to hold him in place for this picture.

And look who else was all dressed in their matching garb:

Black sweater, red jacket was the attire of the day for Brenda, Alissa and me. Brenda is Pastor Bobby's wife and she is always dressed fabulously. And of course Alissa being all young and hip is always dressed super cute, too. I was impressed with myself for being on page with these two fashionable ladies.

Sunday night was DuPont's city tree lighting ceremony and of course we went to enjoy the festivities. The turn out wasn't as large as last year. There is a very good reason for that. Y'all it was COLD! BRRRRRRRR....FREEZING COLD! Seriously is was in the low twenties and the wind was blowing like crazy. So we just bundled up!

Ryne had the warmest spot...I was kind of jealous of him.

See, doesn't he look all toasty?

Now just look at this little guys face. He was super excited about seeing the giant Christmas tree being lit and seeing Santa and hearing Christmas carols but his little face couldn't help but tell the story of just how cold it was out there.

These little children were singing the Christmas carols for us. I was so proud of them for being out in the bitter cold. I think the only people left after the tree lighting to hear them sing were their parents and our family. I'm telling you guys it was very cold.

After a couple of songs we headed inside to.
To see Santa!
Kade was excited....

Ryne, not so much!

This is the best shot we got of them with Santa.

We were back in Forza for the Santa visit and got to have a little hot chocolate and warm up a bit. It was a fun time. Since the turn out was small Santa headed out early.
We were a little disappointed because we thought that we had done a good job of decorating Santa's spot for pictures. Yep, we had the job of decorating for Santa. Kyle and Jeannette and I were very excited about the outcome of our decor and then we were a bit bummed because it didn't get used much.

So we decided to make use of it ourselves and have a little family photo shoot:

Photos shoot over, we ended our night with a carriage ride around the city.
It was fun! Good thing we were all bundled up and the carriage came with quite warm blankets.

Here is the crew!

Kade and Jeannette were carriage buddies.

And of course Kyle, Ryne and I enjoyed the ride, too.

And one last picture of a very adorable little carriage rider all bundled up and having a blast....

Took us a bit to get our fingers and toes warmed back up last night but we had a great time. I love making memories with my boys. I am so blessed to have so many great opportunities to enjoy life with them.
I hope you all are enjoying life, too.
If not, maybe you're like me and just need an attitude adjustment (see previous post).

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