Monday, May 3, 2010

All Good Stuff!

Let me start out with the BEST stuff!
Life Church last night was fabulous!

The coffee shop where we meet was packed!
The Rubber Room was pretty full, too. Eleven little boys!!
I was on Life Kids duty and had no time to spare for picture taking. Those were eleven very busy little boys!

And outside of Forza was packed.
To see this....

Lucy got baptized!

Michelle got baptized!

And Jenny got baptized!

The weather was a bit chilly and drizzly but the atmosphere was most cheerful.
A lot of our Sunbreak family came out to help us celebrate these three amazing ladies going public with their faith.
Alissa has some good pictures and more info on here blog post.
Check it out here:
"I Just Couldn't Wait to Tell You"

So, now that you know about the BEST stuff, let me share "s'more" good stuff with you.
That's right....

We had S'mores!
We checked out a book for Kade at the library called "The Marshmallow Incident" and as soon as we read it, he started asking for S'mores.

He lapped up every bit of gooey mess that he could!

And Ryne....
Well, he was busy making some of the funniest faces ever...

Told you!

And then we let him try a marshmallow of his own....

And the eyes closed are not due to the camera flash. This is one of his latest crazy things to do. He likes to put a bite of something in his mouth and eat it with his eyes though it were the dreamiest thing he'd ever eaten. Seriously, this boy cracks me up every day!

Ready for more good stuff?
This little girl came to stay with us the other night...

This is Natalie and she is a month old.
She didn't come alone. She brought her 5 year old sister Brooke, and her 2 year old sister Raelyn. And that means we had 5 children ages 5, 3, 2, 1 and 1 month at our house. It was just another adventure!

Ryne adores Natalie.

Really, he does! Anytime he could just get to her and look at her, he would.

We had big coloring parties and all kinds of other fun.

And then the really good part came...

Natalie got to meet her Daddy for the very first time!
Dan, Natalie's Daddy, has been in Afghanistan for quite a while and got to come home for some R&R . We felt so incredibly blessed to get to witness this moment.

One proud Papa!

Brooke was super excited to see her Daddy because she wasn't expecting him for three more days. I think that was probably one of the best surprises she's ever had.

And Raelyn finally woke up enough to join the welcome home party.
There they are....Daddy and his four girls!

Now, some kind of good stuff, but still sad stuff....

Jeannette left. That is sad! But we got to spend some fun time with her before she headed out. That was good! Plus the sweetheart showered me with all of her fridge and laundry room goodies that she didn't want to pack and store. What a blessing. The really good part of this is that Jeannette is my friend...forever now....and I have someone to go visit in California!

Laughs are always good!
Kade made me laugh....

He found this fireman costume in his closet. It was obviously stowed away there for a doesn't fit him yet. But he didn't care and insisted on getting it out. And he was so proud to be floating around in that big ole fireman jacket.
Guess who else laughed?

It was Ryne!

Packages are good.
And my boys LOVE when packages come.
They got one this week

and could hardly wait to open it!

New drawing pads!

One for each of them.
They had been sharing one but it recently happened into a little accident that lead to a one way trip to the trash can. Kade had really been missing his daily pirate drawing activity.
Now we are back to drawing pirates again...and we also like to draw treasure maps and worlds.
Ryne, well he just like to still have to use your imagination to figure out what he is drawing. Ha!

Kade learned a new game...

He was so proud to sort his "shapes" cards here.
And since then we've sorted cars and gummy bears by color. He likes to let us know that he is "sorting."

Ryne discovered a new love. Kade rediscovered an old love.

The good old laundry basket!
The good stuff here is not only that the boys were playing nicely together but that the laundry basket was empty because all the clothes were clean, folded and put away!

How about a Happy to throw in with the good?
A Happy Birthday that is!

Our neighbor Michelle let her birthday sneak by without letting us know about it. So when we found out that we had missed it we had them over for pizza and sneaked in a Birthday cake for her!
The boys had a great time playing with a new play-doh set.

Kade building a burger.

Will making fries to go with the burger.

And then Ryne and Carson's favorite part...


Michelle said she's never seen Carson eat so much. He ate his little piece and most of her piece. Isn't he the cutest little guy?
We had lots of fun. It was good!

There is good news about my tulips...

They no longer look like this.

Or this.

Not even like this.

Or even this.

We are in full fledged bloom status!

And Kade likes them so much he wanted to have his picture taken with them.

And since I am super excited about my tulips and I love that cute little boy of mine...

How could I resist???

And the last order of good business that I have to share with you...
There was a meeting at our house today.

At least that is what Kade told me was this gathering was.
A meeting about shows and movies and what they like and don't like.

I got the impression it was mostly about juice and pajamas!

Hope you have all had some good stuff going on in your world!

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