Monday, May 17, 2010

So Much to Say...but No time Today!

I wish I had an extra couple of hours today to work on my new blog post. You really aren't going to believe what all has happened the past several days. But of course I need pictures to help me tell the story and those pictures that I need are still on my cameras...yep, the "carry it around in my purse for all impromptu picture taking occasions" camera, and on the "super nice, new, still gotta learn how to use it off the auto settings" camera. Plus I have some pics that I snagged from my Dad's camera that I need to transfer to my computer. Even if I did have them on my computer I don't have time to upload all the great shots that I'd want to share with you and then write out the great captions to help you enjoy them even more. Why do I not have the time today?
Well, there are dishes galore sitting all over my kitchen from lunch yesterday (and that is so not me, if there is one place that is usually clean at my house it has to be the kitchen). Now that you know the kitchen is a disaster then you probably understand that I've let the rest of the house go as well. Much laundry needs to be done. Floors cleaned. Toys organized. Well, you know the all have homes of your own to clean. Plus two little guys are coming to hang out with us this afternoon while their Mommy goes to a meeting on post about something military-ish.
So why in the world is my house such a mess?
Well, that is the good part! You might have caught earlier that I said I snagged some pics from my Dad's camera??? I told you in the last post that I was super excited because my sister was coming to visit. She did come! And she brought a MOM and DAD!!!!
The whole family came!
We had a super great time and I'm going to tell you all about it real soon.
I've been busy this morning grading work for my online Chemistry students and finally got all caught up with that. Now it is off to the dishes and laundry and floors and, and, and. But I'm happy to do it! I am blessed beyond measure!
I hope that you have had some good days lately. If not, I pray that you have some good days heading your way. A lot of times it is all about perspective. May you have a good outlook today so that you may have a good day!

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