Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jordan Got Baptized in the Sound!!

Today was a beautiful day in DuPont!
Beautiful because the weather was amazing.
Beautiful because we hiked down to the sound for Jordan to get baptized!

We all met at the trail head to hike down just after noon.

Jacob backpacked Ryne for us.

Kyle backpacked Carson for Michelle.

And the big boys rode in the strollers!

The trail we hiked down to the sound was beautiful.

I was very glad that I took my allergy medicine!

Just before we got to the sound we had to go under some railroad tracks.

The big boys were loving this tunnel.

And just look at the view on the other side of that tunnel:

The Puget Sound.

Everyone found a spot to take pictures and show Jordan their support....

And then it was on with the important matter that we hiked down for.

Kyle said a few words.

Derek read some scripture.

Kyle and Jordan made their way into the frigid water of the sound.

And it was an absolutely beautiful baptism....such an amazing symbol of what Jesus has done in Jordan's life.

All smiles from Jordan!

And her sweet Mom was waiting for her with a towel.
Super proud of Jordan!
What an amazing day.

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Michelle said...

Brought tears to my eyes!! What an amazing addition to our "family" in Christ. I hope to see even more pictures like this in the near future!