Friday, May 7, 2010

Whole Lot of Strollin' Goin' On!!

Yes, that's right, we've done a lot of strollin' the past couple of days. Why?
Because it has been absolutely beautiful and we just couldn't help ourselves!
I think I could get used to not only the beautiful sunshiny days but also the daily afternoon stroll.
And I'm not the only one who has liked the stroll. My boys have been crazy loving it!
Check them out:

Yesterday afternoon, sporting their new shades, we made the walk up to Forza to check on Daddy while he was studying.

Kade had to check out his tunes.

And so did Ryne!

Seriously, it was almost a two hour stroll and the boys did fabulously. I was so proud!
And encouraged enough by the fun we had to try it again today.

But this time our trip was a bit different.
For one, we added Daddy to the stroll. We were very excited to have him join us.
And for two, we did not head to Forza. May our Forza friends forgive us but we HAD to go to Starbucks. Just look and see why:

Yeah Buddy! We all four enjoyed some half price Frappuccino's. Let me advertise for a minute....I hate for anyone to miss a deal like this. Starting today and ending May 16th, every day from 3 to 5 pm is Happy Hour at Starbucks with Half Price Frappuccino's!!! Can't beat that deal. It was totally worth the stroll!!

We already have strolling plans for tomorrow.
Pretty exciting plans!
We are strolling down to the sound to see our sweet friend Jordan get baptized.

This is Jordan and me. We got to have breakfast together Thursday morning and had such a good time. She is super excited about getting baptized in the sound. And I am super excited to get to be there!

There is another place coming to town where we might be strolling soon....

Kade has been keeping a close eye on it's progress.
For real, everyday he wants to go check on it.

Mickey D's!

Maybe that is what has motivated him to want to play with his "build a burger" play-doh set every day.

Check out that burger and fries he built. He is getting pretty good.

He is also getting better at obeying this week.
It has taken some drastic measures. He missed a trip to the library early this week. By missed I don't mean we just didn't go, I mean Ryne and I went and Kade had to stay at home and take a nap while Daddy studied. He was devastated! Then he also got his t.v. time in the morning taken away. (Which also means I lost my opportunity to get some things done while Ryne napped and Kade watched t.v. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.) It took a couple of days but I think things are really starting to sink in. The past three days Kade has been more like the sweet cooperative little boy I've known all along.
He has done LOTS of coloring and is really starting to impress me with his coloring skills. He even writes his name on each of his coloring pages all by himself now.
We have also done a lot of reading.
You may think I'm crazy but I checked out Charlotte's Web at the library to read to him. I remember my sweet third grade teacher, Mrs. Carter, reading Charlotte's Web to our class and I loved that book. If you don't know Charlotte's Web let me just tell you that it is not a three year old book. It is quite long, 179 pages in the edition that we are reading. And only a few pictures here and there with lots of pages of just words. So far he is loving it. His only problem is that he really wants the pig to be pink. I tried to explain to him that there was not any color in this book and he quickly responded with, "yes, there is mom, there is black and there is white. I want there to be pink, too."
Yesterday, the boys were out and about with Kyle and just look at what Kyle found for Kade:

Charlotte's Web the movie!
Kade was told he had to go three days without getting in "bad" trouble and he could earn it.
Two days down....only one more to go. I so hope he earns his movie tomorrow.

And a couple more cute Kade moments to share before I go:

First we were at the grocery store today and they had a great sale on some of the "less healthy" cereals like Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, CoaCoa Puffs, and Cookie Crisp. I said "Kade, look at these cereals. As a special treat would you like to pick out a kind to buy?" Kade pretty quickly decided and said, "Yeah, I'd like to have some brown kix please!" Now I'm sure those Coa Coa Puffs that he was asking for are "kid tested" but probably not "mother approved."
I got him the "brown kix" and then he requested to have them for supper. So he did.

Then my favorite Kade moment of the week.
Kyle and Kade are sitting at the table finishing up lunch and the conversation goes like this...
Kade: "Dad, why do you talk so much?"
Kyle: "I don't know son, why do you talk so much?"
Kade: "Cause I've got lots to say!"

It has been a fun week! I am so blessed!
I have already gotten some really cool and fun Mother's Day presents....since Kade couldn't keep it a surprise for me, I'll just keep it a surprise for you. Stay tuned to see what my sweet boys did for me!
Have a fabulous weekend.

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Michelle said...

I loved Charlotte's Web. Mrs. Carter let us watch the movie before my birthday. On my birthday my mom surprised me with a much begged for new puppy. I named her Charlotte and I remember my mom asking me if I was sure I wanted that to be her name and not snowball (she was white) or something like that. I said nope then she said oh we'll call her Charlie. I said no, her name is