Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Blessed Momma!

I love Mother's Day!!
And not just because I am a Momma.
I love Mother's Day because Kyle and I both have amazing Mothers and it brings me such joy to to think about how blessed we have both been by our Moms. What wonderful examples that I have to follow now that I have joined the ranks of Mommyhood.
And I am one Blessed Momma, just let me tell you.
I am blessed because I have two healthy and happy little boys who bring me so much joy.
I am blessed because my boys have a Daddy who is such an amazing man. My best friend and the best Daddy any child ever had!
I am blessed because I know how much my boys and their Daddy love me. They always tell me and they are so good at showing me.
Let me just give you a recap of my Mother's Day Week.

Yep, I got to celebrate all week long!
On Tuesday, Kyle came home from work and handed me a bag and said "surprise." He'd bought me some clothes while he was out. Sweet! Then he said, "let's do supper early and head back to the store. They're having a good sale and you might like some more stuff." So that's what we did. And that wasn't even for Mother's Day...but it was a part of my Mother's Day week.

On Thursday I got home from my ladies' Bible Study and Kade immediately yelled, "SURPRISE!" Kyle had taken the boys shopping while I was gone. Kade marched me right into the living room and pointed out the front window and said, "Look, we got you flowers." And sure enough, hanging on the front porch were two beautiful baskets of mixed flowers. Then he told me, "We couldn't find the tree you wanted but maybe tomorrow we can."
I hadn't told Kade that I wanted a tree so I was a little lost on that one.
I did make a Mother's Day gift request, and it wasn't for a tree. It was for socks. I needed new socks so I figured if I told Kade that is what I wanted for Mother's Day, he would be sure to make it happen. Well, guess what...

I got socks, too!
Kyle planned on keeping them and wrapping them up for Sunday but Kade just couldn't wait. Thursday night he and Ryne came running to me with their sacks full of socks.

They were so proud. I think because they knew that they had gotten me just what I wanted.
I was so happy! Flower baskets and socks!

On Friday, the boys and I had been hanging out while Kyle went for a little kayaking trip with some friends. When Kyle got home we went outside to take our stroll to Starbucks for those half price Frappuccino's that I told you about and Kade marched me into the backyard and let out another big , "Surprise!"
And this is what I saw:

Kade said, "Look, it's the tree you wanted!"
A Pink Dogwood!
They are my favorite and they have been blooming around here lately. On our strolling trips I've been pointing them out to Kade and telling him that they are my favorite. And of course Kyle knows how much I like them. So now I have one of my very own!
On our stroll that afternoon look what we saw.....

Hopefully mine will look like that in a couple of years.
So now I have beautiful flower baskets on my front porch, new socks galore and my very own pink dogwood tree.
What more could a Momma ask for?
Well, there was more to come.
Mother's Day Brunch!

Look at this serious breakfast platter.
I got all that yummy food and got to spend the morning with my sweet boys.

It was a fun Mother's Day brunch.
Then off to church where the boys made me an "I love Mommy" bag with their hand prints.
And to top it all off we went out for dinner after church with some friends. At dinner they gave the Moms roses and a special dessert.

Ryne thought the rose smelled yummy!

And I tried and tried to get a good picture of me and my boys on Mother's Day...

But it just wasn't happening.
(you can see part of my flower basket hanging down in the picture above)

This is really the best it got.
I have a feeling there are more of these kind of Mother's Day picture years to come.
Maybe it has something to do with being a boy Momma.

Oh and guess what else showed up during my Mother's Day week....

Some yellow tulips!

Don't they make a pretty edition to the reds?
I was excited to see them and just had to share with you.

Now let me close this post by letting you know that I am SUPER DUPER excited about something else that is happening today.


Lynlee said...

Your boys are so cute! You are as beautiful as ever. Happy Mother's Day. I don't even have to know your kids to know that you are a great Mom!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! How sweet a week you had. I hope that you and the Monkster have a Super Duper Great week!!! Love ya bunches, Momma

Michelle said...

That's an awesome Mother's Day week! I love your flowers and the pink dogwoods are my favorite too!! Cherry blossoms are really pretty too. I'm so glad you had a Happy Mother's Day!