Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hitting the Slopes

It was MLK Day and school was out!
Kyle planned a ski trip with his college Life Group.
I REALLY wanted to go so I sent out a cry over facebook for someone to be brave enough to adopt Kade and Ryne for the day so that I could make the trip.
Well, Bless my sweet friend Amanda's heart, she volunteered to keep the boys!!!
And I loaded up with the crew and we headed to Crystal Mountain for the day.
It was a perfect day for skiing. The weather was fabulous and the snow on the mountain was just right.
Plus we started our trip with a stop by this place for breakfast:

This is Amy and Stephanie....and Amy had never been to Sonic before.
We were more than honored to be able to introduce Amy to the wonderful yumminess of Sonic.
We were off to a terrific start!

We got to the mountain within a couple of hours and suited up. I can't even tell you how bizarre it is for me to think that I live within a couple of hours of snow skiing. Skiing for me always meant loading up for a week and making a two day drive across several states to reach the mountains. An hour and forty-five minutes is a super short trip!

This is Jordan and me all geared up to head down the mountain.

And this is Kyle and me looking all smiley and ski ready. But I didn't spend much time skiing with my sweet hubby. Two reasons....One, he likes to ski fast and furious on those little trails that show up on the map in black. Me. Not So Much. I prefer a leisurely stroll down the green trails. Green is my favorite color. Even on ski trail maps!
Reason Two....

This is Stephanie!
She was on the mountain for the first time. And she wanted to learn to snowboard. She got some pointers from a couple of boarders and set out to learn.

She did a lot of this!
I remember my sweet friend Ashley teaching me to ski on my first ski trip when I was in college. She was so patient with me and just took her time waiting for me to get up again and again and again as I slowly skied/fell my way down the mountain. I can't imagine how much fun I would not have had if it hadn't been for her patience....THANKS ASH!!! So, I chose to try to be that person Steph. While I was absolutely no help in telling her what to do on a snowboard, I did my best to cheer her on when she was up and swooshing down a slope. Then when she bit the would ski over to make sure she was okay.
Boy was she ever working hard to get down that mountain. But she was having a great time. And I was too!

After a bit it was break time....serious break time....this girl was worn out.

I didn't mind the break. We watched other people ski by.

My skis and poles didn't seem to mind the break, either.
I told you this was a serious break.

We took in the scenery. It was magnificent!

Then we got back at it...

There she goes!

UH OH! Steph went over a cliff!
She is hanging on to a tree down there. Trying to keep from falling into the creek below.

Had to call for rescue!

And there she is! All in one piece! And still saying that she LOVES this!

It was a very fun day on the mountain.

Here is the whole crew.
Back row L to R: Nick, Jordan, Jacob, Kyle
Front Row L to R: Kristina, Amy, Stephanie, me

Want some proof that it was a great day?
Well these are the pics of us loading up to head out.
Check out the smiles:

Only people who had lots of fun can smile like that at the end of a long day!

Dear Crystal Mountain,
Thank you for a very fun day of skiing!
We wish that we could come ski on you more often. Try to lower your lift ticket prices and offer day care and maybe we can have a more close knit relationship. I would really like that!

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Michelle said...

I want my own snow board but I have to learn to use it. Wouldn't mind having skis but I really wanna learn to snowboard.