Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome to Me P-a-a-r-r-r-r-t-y!!

Kade turned 3 on Sunday!
And we had a....

Pirate Party, OF COURSE!

Complete with Pirate Ship Birthday Cake!

Pirate Cupcakes

Pirate Pinata

What little pirate guy wouldn't enjoy all these pirate goodies?

Here's the party room all set up and ready for kids to arrive.

Pin the Patch on the Pirate was ready....

Eye patches, swords and loot bags were ready....

This Pirate Family was ready!

Pirate Kade was REALLY ready!

Oh, and Pirate Ryne was ready, too.

As soon as the doorbell rang both pirate ran to the door.
Kade greeted everyone with "Welcome to me paaarrrrty" and struck some crazy "pirate pose" on the floor for them. I laughed at him every time. I wish you could all hear his pirate voice!

Then he decided he'd like to add a little mustache and goatee to the costume.

Now, that is one good lookin' pirate, if I do say so myself!

Tried to get a picture of all the kiddos at the party but some were too camera shy and some just weren't interested in looking at the camera. This is the best I could get.
I think they were just all ready for cake and ice cream.

So on with the show...

A little singin' of the Happy Birthday song

A little blowin' out of the candle...doesn't he look proud of himself?

And a little eatin' of the cake and ice cream!

Look at all the happy children now.

The grown up pirates were pretty happy to get a little cake and ice cream, too!

And as you can see, Ryne got some birthday treats, too. I'm not sure why he's making this face but I sure did think it was too funny not to share.

Check this out...being the birthday boy and all, Kade was the first one to get his cake and ice cream....we looked up after a few minutes and everyone was finished and gone and Kade was still in his chair eating his cake and ice cream. All by himself, and happy as could be. I'm not sure he even knew he was alone.

Next it was game time...

Played some "aye aye, captain" and practiced "walking the plank"

Had some ship races...

Cardboard box ships are the best!

Played pin the patch on the pirate...only got a picture of Daddy Pirate playing because I was busy blindfolding and spinning while the kids were playing.

Then it was "toss the rings into the treasure chest" game.

Look at Bo give it a toss!

And for the Grand Finale....

Bust the Pirate Pinata!!!

Bo's turn

Give it a whack, Aaron!

Come on Brooke, hit him hard.

Way to go Raelyn!

Kade again...
Well, all the kiddos took two or three turns and we were beginning to realize that this pinata was indestructible. I thought pinatas were made to be broken but this one refused.
We even had to call in the adults to take a few swings...

Kyle gave it a shot along with several other parents.
No kidding, we didn't think it would ever bust.

But finally, Jacob let Mr. Pirate Pinata have it and candy went everywhere!

After the Pinata extravaganza things started winding down...

Aaron got his sword and had a go with Kyle before he left. I think we might have a new pirate in the making....AAAARRRRRGGGG!

Ryne decided he wanted to take a turn at pin the patch on the pirate.

Bo and Brooke decided they liked Kade's pirate mustache after all and let me give them one. These are some of the coolest pirates, ever!

Then everyone was gone....

And Kade shucked the pirate costume and went back to inspect things a little closer.

He found the pieces to his pirate cake and started playing with them.

I found later that he was letting them have a pirate fight on the back side of what was left of the pirate ship birthday cake!

Then we called up Monk Monk on the computer and let Kade open his birthday presents from her...

He got cool shoes just like Ryne! Since you saw all the pictures of Ryne's shoes except the black converse tennis shoes....here is Kade's black converse tennis shoes.
Boy to we love getting to see our families on the computer...what a blessing web cams are to us!

And then Ryne realized that Monk Monk was on the computer and he was so excited.
While Ryne was talking to Monk Monk Kade snuck away and this is where I found him...

Digging into a cupcake! He couldn't quite reach it by himself so he found a part of his pirate ship cake that worked nicely as a "fork" for him to reach up and get bites of the cupcake. What a mess!

And to wrap up the party Kade had one more card and gift to open.
Here is what he looked like reading....um singing....his birthday card:

I show you this because I have to tell you that my favorite part of Kade's birthday was letting him read his cards. He is the funniest about it. He will not let us read them to him. He has to read them himself. He opens them up all serious and begins a very long string of words...some make sense, some don't, some are English, some are "Kadese", but he rambles on and on and on for about 3 minutes "reading" every card. And if there is any cursive writing in the card then he says that it is a "song book card" and he has to sing it. In which case we get a 3 minute song and dance routine. I really think he enjoys cards as much as gifts these days.

The Pirate Party was LOTS of fun!!!
Thanks to all of our friends who came to help us celebrate.
I am now the Mommy of a three year old...and he knows it.
He has been saying that he is two for a year now so I thought it might take him a while to make the change. But NO! The day after his birthday I just asked him randomly in the middle of him doing something, "Kade, how old are you?" And without missing a beat he replied very matter of factly, "I'm three."


Kristen said...

How precious, Terry!!!! Holy cow, you guys went all out! I LOVE the cake, and all the games, and outfits....SO cute. And so memorable. =) You win mommy of the year for that one.

Amber said...

THAT CAKE ROCKS!! Holy cow. That is awesome.

Looks like Capn' Kade had a fabulous time and a fantastic party.

So precious.

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Thanks for all the pictures and comments you shared with us. Feels like we were almost there!! I did say ALMOST didn't I. Love you all bunches and bunches. CG and Granddaddy

Dawn said...

We had so much fun at Aaron's first birthday party! Thanks for inviting us!