Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Bit of This and That

The Pirate Party was great but we didn't spend the past two weeks just prepping for the big party. There were lots of other things going on around here, too.
Like what?
Well, take a look.....

There was Basketball playing.

Water can carrying..

Where he thought he was going I don't know.

Trips to the Dentist...

I actually forgot my camera for our trip to the dentist. Kade got this nice little certificate though and I took a picture. Both boys went to the dentist and got great reports. Kade did a fantastic job and everyone loved him. Ryne wasn't so sure about somebody sticking things in his mouth...I mean that is his job to stick things in his mouth, not some strange man in a white coat. But he did okay, too. They went to a children's dental clinic and it was a good experience for them. I don't think Kade is going to mind going back in 6 months. I'm praying it stays that way.

Then we had Merman Kade..


Both feet in one pants leg...wish you could've seen him trying to waddle around like that!

Kyle tried out the new smoker.

This was ribs and they were YUMMY!!! Then he tried salmon and it was also DELICIOUS!
I think I'm liking this Christmas present that we got for Kyle!

Kade and Ryne tried out some new presents, too.

Here they are working on sharing. Kade is always willing to let Ryne share his presents with him. But when it comes to Kade sharing with Ryne we still have some work to do.

Kade had an invention...

The pen-carrying sleeve! He figured out he could collect all the pens that we put out for Bible Study in his sleeve. Then he went around and passed them out from his sleeve. He was so proud of figuring out this new "sleeve gadget".

I got some pretty tulips...

And Kyle also planted some tulips for us....can't wait for spring time here in the Pacific Northwest!

Then we had this mishap....

I was rinsing out the sink and suddenly the hand held part of the spout fell off and water started just shooting out of the bottom of the spout. Before I could get the water turned off, the floor and wall behind me were completely drenched. Oh, and I was pretty wet, too! I dried the wall and floor, Kyle fixed the spout and life went on.

Ryne ate lots of bananas..

He was excited here because I was actually letting him hold the banana.

Took a trip to Red Robin...

The boys both had free kids meal certificates for their birthdays so we let them go to Red Robin to celebrate. Plus I didn't mind some Yummy Red Robin myself.

Did some Skype with the family.

Granna, Paw, Aunt Kim, Uncle B, Brandon and Taylor called us up on the computer to sing "Happy Birthday" to Kade.

Ryne had fun letting Daddy fix his hair....

In the bath tub!

I wasn't here for this but when I saw the pictures they sure made me laugh!

And when I saw this one, I was definitely glad I had scheduled Ryne's first haircut.

The night before the party we did birthday presents with Kade because we actually asked people not to bring gifts to the party...just to come help us celebrate. Believe me, we didn't need any more toys around here...ha!

So, I got a little creative with the wrapping paper and a marker because I didn't want to go dig in the closet for ribbons or bows. Besides, I don't think Kade minded.

Never seen a little boy get so excited about new pajamas. But look, they are PIRATE pj's!

Ryne seemed just as excited as Kade about the new sword and shield set. Two swords, two shields, two boys....sharing should be easy with this one.

C.G. and Grandaddy joined us on the computer to wish Kade a Happy Birthday and watch him open presents.

And read cards! I told you in the last post that Kade reading his cards is my favorite. C.G. and Grandaddy got to witness this "reading of the card" and I think they thought it was pretty funny, too. On this particular day every card ended with "Amen".

Trying out his new binoculars/view finder.

I think he's pleased with his birthday loot!

Got it all packed up in his new "Super Why" backpack and he is ready to go. I can already picture him wanting to pack his swords for his first day of school. Oh no! We are going to have to talk about that before the day comes.

Then Daddy and Kade worked on the big present..

A new Pirate Ship!

And it is pretty cool.
Got it put together in time to use as a center piece for the pirate party!

And to finish off the presents, we picked up gifts from Uncle B, Aunt Kim, Brandon and Taylor yesterday at Wal-Mart. Can I just tell you how much we love "Site-to-Store" purchases!

Each boy with their present box just waiting for us to say go.

Ryne thought just taking the paper out of the box was fun.
(if you notice...this is actually after his first haircut, doesn't he look cute? I will have a separate post for the haircut coming soon.)

And both boys are busy playing with their new toys! Kade is working on his Handy Manny Radio Repair Kit and Ryne is busy at his new computer.
THANKS Uncle B, Aunt Kim, Brandon and Taylor! They love their gifts!

And I couldn't help but show you this...

Just why the cardboard box was inducted into the toy hall of fame is completely understood at our house. Kade just assumed the box was part of the present and so he sat in it to play.

So you can see that life has been quite busy for the Lewallens...
Plus Ryne has not been feeling well ever since he got his shots last week...poor guy.
I also have a fun ski trip with our college life group and a first hair cut to update you on so I'll try to get to that soon.

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