Friday, January 22, 2010

Ryne's first Haircut

It's been kind of a crazy week for us because Ryne has been a bit under the weather. For a week now he has been running fever off and on. I decided that there is no way his one year vaccines should still be causing fever from last week so we headed off to see the doctor today. Poor guy has a sinus infection. One thing that seemed to make Ryne happy was to get out of the house. So on Tuesday, for one of our outings, we took Ryne for his first haircut.

We went to a really neat place called "Jack and Jill's". It is a salon just for children and it was super cute.

All of the chairs were some sort of vehicle.

Ryne chose to fly the plane while he got his haircut. Here he is all caped up and ready to go.

The first snip!

Flying away!

Kade entertained himself by spinning the propeller for Ryne's plane.

Sometimes Ryne was still and sometimes he wasn't so still. I was nervous about his not so stillness while she was cutting the front of his hair. But he did good!

Almost done...

And when he was finished he couldn't wait to get to the play area and take a little "play" break.
So we let him and Kade play for a bit before we left. It was a quick and painless first haircut. However, our baby is gone and we brought home a little boy instead. Guess you have to start letting them grow up sometime!

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Dawn said...

He's too cute! I didn't even get to see him today!