Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Those Lewallen boys love their adventures

Ryne is feeling much better. Seems that he and Amoxicillin get along just fine! And that Amoxicillin had a fight with that yucky stuff in his nose and it is gone. He is starting to sleep better again, too. YEAH!!!
Since we are on the mend we've been busy with boy adventures like:

Building log ranches...

Letting Ryne try feeding himself spaghetti...

What was I thinking?

We tried letting Kade show him how it was supposed to be done...but apparently Ryne isn't a real quick learner.

It was nice weather on Saturday and we biked to the park to play and picnic.
This was the first time that we've been to the park since Ryne has been able to walk and it was a whole different world. He had so much fun getting to play on the playground...

Kade collected some rocks.

Ryne collected some bicycle helmets.

Kade pretended to be in a marching band.

And pretended to sell us ice cream from his ice cream store. He would lean out the "window" here and tell us what flavors he had available. And once we chose a flavor he would ask if we'd like a bowl or a hard crunchy cone.

And of course everything that Kade did....

Ryne had to try too....

Here they are taking turns doing this....

Driving the Pirate ship, of course!

And then came the picnic...

And the champion picnicker of the crew....

Ryne William Lewallen!

He was all about having a picnic.
Last time we picnicked at the park, I was feeding him baby food.

Not any more. This kid didn't even want any help!

Even when the picnic part was over and Kade had taken off to play, I kept seeing Ryne go back to the picnic blanket for more Cheetos!

See this smile...

You might not can see the eyes but the smile lets you know that it was a good day at the park.

And later that day a package arrived....it was the rest of Kade's birthday present from C.G. and Grandaddy. Remember how Kade was practicing being a marching band at the park? Well you won't believe what was in his package. Check this out....

A trumpet!
It was accompanied by a clarinet and a saxophone.
You have no idea how many times we've played "band" since then. Kade has assigned us instruments. He plays the trumpet. Kyle plays the clarinet. And I play the saxophone. And if Ryne wants to play then Kyle or I get to share our instrument with him. I'm telling you that if this musical instrument loving kid of mine doesn't end up playing some kind of instrument in serious fashion I will be completely shocked.

Finishing up Birthday presents spurred Kade on to work on his "Thank You" notes.

He will tell you not to bother him because he needs to concentrate. Is it even possible for a three year old to concentrate? I don't know how Kade catches on to the things he does, but he surprises me all the time.
For instance, Kyle has let him watch a little Retro TV with him lately. Some A Team and Knight Rider mostly. So the other day Kade asked Kyle if Michael Knight was on tv. How in the world did he even catch his name and know to ask that? Then Sunday morning after church I catch Kade running around chasing a little boy and I say, "Kade, settle down, be nice and don't run." To which he responded, "Hey, I'm not Kade, I'm Knight Rider and I'm chasing all the bad guys to get rid of them." I simply told him there weren't any bad guys at church and that he'd have to wait until later to catch the bad guys. So, yesterday we are heading to the grocery store and are about to jump on the interstate with all the many other cars heading south and Kade says, "Hey, I'm Michael Knight and we are in Kit, let's chase all those cars down."
I think he has watched Knight Rider twice and I think that is all it took for him to become infatuated with it. I told Kyle, we better take it easy on the Retro TV. Ha Ha!

As for Ryne, he has a different infatuation.
Not C.H.I.P.S. from the Retro TV land. He doesn't care so much about those TV shows.
He is in love with the food, chips! Any kind will do.
Preferably the kind he can tippy-toe and pull of the shelf in the pantry.
Here's how I know...

Last night I found him on the floor in the kitchen digging into a back of barbecue chips that he brought out of the pantry. Not sure how many he ate before I noticed.

He just hung out in the pantry with them! Finished off this bag of Sour Cream N Onion chips and was happy as could be. At this age, Kade would have torn the house down for green beans....I guess all children are different! Ryne must take after me! Ha Ha!

That's what the little boys have been doing. Kyle has been working on getting ready for our next Life Church gathering that is coming up this Sunday night. And I have been working on a little something different. I'll tell you about it soon.

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kapjones said...

Better watch out - pretty soon you'll here Kade say "I pity the fool" from the A-team. HaHa! Love all the pics!